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After Christmas, winter continues to be something extraordinary in the home decoration business. And speaking of winter, there are many outstanding decorations to decorate the house, especially during the holiday season. So towards the end of this year I want to give a lot of surprises to anyone who comes by giving an extra push door design. I think the door is the first thing people see when they come home, and adding a winter theme can sometimes be very fun. Do you want to add a splash of snow or anything to attract attention when people visit? Make kids  [ Read More ]

There are many creative ways to beautify the house and add aesthetics to your interior. One of them is how to do quick repairs that you can do without having to spend a lot of budget, so why not try painting your door? Incidentally I am among those who like the bright colors, and the countless how many beautiful front door ever want me to apply to the front door. Instead of having to enter all the ideas for the color of the front door, I had to determine the color that was most suitable for my next door, although  [ Read More ]

Dutch doors have been around since the 17th century, initially this door very easily be encountered in farmhouses to keep animals and children came. Currently Dutch doors are increasingly popular because the design of this door is versatile, the bottom can be closed while the open top allows fresh air to enter and clear obstacles at the same time. When the hardware is connected locked, both parts act as one becomes a solid door. If the Dutch doors usually only use neutral colors like black or white, then today I want to invite you make it look more beautiful with  [ Read More ]

Only last minute before Halloween, but I’m sure many of you have not prepared Halloween decoration yet it’s only a few days away. Either because you are too busy with your own affairs or do not have much time to decorate the house. DIY halloween front door project is the best and fastest way to get the halloween decoration at the same time. Besides a traditional wreath or door hanging, halloween front doors are more fun while halloween. You just have to think creatively, and believe me DIY project halloween front door is very easy to make and also cheap  [ Read More ]

Doorstops are often not a concern of people for not getting a lot of love for design is mediocre. Doorstop mostly made of rubber or wood wedges, when in fact there is now a lot of creative doorstops with funny characters. We can not deny doorstops turned out to be an important part that will keep your door from the wind, or keep the children from the risk of injury. However, often overlooked accessories that can jazz up your home. This is a great way to solve the problem day after day in a fun, ranging from cute stuff for  [ Read More ]