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This project is the development of a “house inside a rock” consisting of concrete slabs. Designed by Amey Kandalgaonkar inspired from the rock-cut tomb architecture of saudi arabia’s madain saleh, an ancient archaeological site that expresses the classical facade that is carved into the sandstone mass, rationalize organic geometry. Architects are also based in Shanghai is trying to develop a more contemporary reading through investigation subtractive method by introducing a second material to cut native stone. Instead of having to flatten organic surfaces, architects instead try to insert clean concrete slabs. Amey argued, given the visual complexity of the stones  [ Read More ]

This house is a contemporary refurbishment and extension of the original Queenslander Brisbane blessed beautiful scenery. Designed by Cavill Architects, it has successfully completed Gibbon Street which is shrouded in surroundings. Inspired by architectural style with respect for the past, the additional structure at Gibbon St is imagined as a series of garden walls like relics that were redesigned to accommodate a practical living environment. Gibbon St is strongly associated with its landscape both natural and architectural, even this project was nominated for the Habitus House of the Year. Gibbon St refers to a variety of unique reference points from  [ Read More ]

Not all high-rise buildings, shopping centers and apartments in urban areas only have a negative impact on the surrounding environment. Although we know climate change and global warming are being hit almost all parts of the world. Woha architects show how we must preserve the natural surroundings and at least suppress this problem by designing Park Royal, a hotel and office with an environmentally friendly park. The project on Upper Pickering Street is a study of how we can not only conserve greenery in the high-rise downtown but multiply it with striking, integrated and sustainable architecture. Standing as a green  [ Read More ]

Being challenged on a sloping site, Belzberg Architects have transformed Bridge Residence into an opportunity to stir up lonely exile by making big statements. The house is L-shaped with the higher bordering the eastern foot and features, Hera stacked limestone dry up the front section are mostly facing around on top of the hill. Instead, three levels of floor-to-ceiling glass are protected by deep and siding frames, opening down the site. In this case, the architect is very brilliant in optimizing privacy, sun orientation, and site usage. Blessed by a stunning natural environment surrounded by mature oak forest, this building  [ Read More ]

This holiday houses is a transition from a modern style glass house. Blessed with an unspoiled environment in the middle of an apple orchard and surrounded by stunning dolomite mountains. Peter Pichler architecture based in Milan is successfully designing the structure as a holiday unit. Each wall looks like a mirror from the surrounding nature that makes this house like one with the landscape. This project is structured so that guests can fully enjoy the experience of living in nature but equipped with luxurious amenities. This architectural studio is known for its concern for the environment and sustainable design, maximizes  [ Read More ]