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This is the dream cabin of every traveler who wants an extraordinary experience in the midst of nature. Snoerre Stinessen Architecture has succeeded in building three cabins and saunas on a remote island in the Steigen Islands off the coast of Norway, and precisely in the Arctic circle. This amazing cabin called Manshausen 2.0, the project is also an extension of Manshausen Island Resort, an eco-friendly retreat which was originally established by Borge Ousland, he was a Norwegian polar explorer and the first successful solo crossing of the Arctic. This cabin offers an unusual experience for a cabin in general.  [ Read More ]

The most fun thing during winter holidays is that you can do a lot of things inside the house, even though being outside sounds very pleasant but cold air is not recommended for your kids. Luckily they can still carry a positive activity with various decorations and crafts. Speaking of decoration, there is no piece of winter holiday decoration that is more popular than snow globe. This is a stunning DIY project that makes your winter warmer with family, they are very beautiful as a fireplace decoration, very suitable to be a part of Christmas decorations, and become a favorite  [ Read More ]

This house is a turning point about how humans should be able to live side by side with nature. Focusing on the relationship between living space and the environment, Otto Felix architectural studio has successfully completed a 250 square meter minimalist home with many openings in almost every room. This is a house that blurs the boundary between interior and exterior, playing a game of intelligent rhythmic lines that surround a space with many areas of light and shadow. Being in the middle of the room, there are two large trees that show the majesty, let all the parts surrounding  [ Read More ]

What would happen if a country-style house was inspired by nature? Country garden house is the answer. This beautiful house was designed by Olson Kundig who is in the middle of a lush landscape. This house takes every opportunity to enjoy the surrounding natural scenery and rolling hills, while the interior keeps creating a warm space that can be enjoyed by every family member. The shape of the house consist of wood reclaimed former is reminiscent of the structure of agriculture or even a greenhouse with glass-topped roofs are pitched high, and high windows at each end of the main  [ Read More ]

Amidst the natural beauty in Bali, stands a luxurious bamboo house designed by Ibuku. Sharma Spring Residence was built almost entirely using bamboo as its main ingredient by adapting the beautiful natural surroundings. The house blessed by a stunning natural be peaceful escape for homeowners, especially on weekends. Stand tall at the peak of the beauty of the island of Bali. Sharma Spring is the highest bamboo structure built in Bali. This building consists of six floors, four bedrooms, a spacious living room with an awesome view that can be accessed through the entrance of a 15 meter long tunnel.  [ Read More ]