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This project is the development of a “house inside a rock” consisting of concrete slabs. Designed by Amey Kandalgaonkar inspired from the rock-cut tomb architecture of saudi arabia’s madain saleh, an ancient archaeological site that expresses the classical facade that is carved into the sandstone mass, rationalize organic geometry. Architects are also based in Shanghai is trying to develop a more contemporary reading through investigation subtractive method by introducing a second material to cut native stone. Instead of having to flatten organic surfaces, architects instead try to insert clean concrete slabs. Amey argued, given the visual complexity of the stones  [ Read More ]

This house is a contemporary refurbishment and extension of the original Queenslander Brisbane blessed beautiful scenery. Designed by Cavill Architects, it has successfully completed Gibbon Street which is shrouded in surroundings. Inspired by architectural style with respect for the past, the additional structure at Gibbon St is imagined as a series of garden walls like relics that were redesigned to accommodate a practical living environment. Gibbon St is strongly associated with its landscape both natural and architectural, even this project was nominated for the Habitus House of the Year. Gibbon St refers to a variety of unique reference points from  [ Read More ]

This house is a turning point about how humans should be able to live side by side with nature. Focusing on the relationship between living space and the environment, Otto Felix architectural studio has successfully completed a 250 square meter minimalist home with many openings in almost every room. This is a house that blurs the boundary between interior and exterior, playing a game of intelligent rhythmic lines that surround a space with many areas of light and shadow. Being in the middle of the room, there are two large trees that show the majesty, let all the parts surrounding  [ Read More ]

The attention to detail resulted in a stunning family house. Designed by Lot 1 Design, this house is warm from inside to outside. Filled with raw pallets of concrete and plywood, Headland House uses interior decorating and art curation coatings filled with muted tones, natural materials and textures enhance the experience of a quiet and light family house. This house is quite stiff, angular and minimal which gives a challenge for architects. This is very different from the home that has an organic objects and the sense of touch to create an environment that will give homeowners the warmth they  [ Read More ]

The house is almost like a greenhouse, but full of windows and plants, with lots of light and lots of green. This house is the dream of a Swedish designer and entrepreneur, Agneta Enzell. She designed space for her and her family to suit her budget. Orangery, is a black and white greenhouse bathed in light. She used it to grow plants and almost like a barn pot in it, but also as a place to eat and socialize with friends and family. Curious as to what this unique house? Scroll down and find more surprises. Although this house can  [ Read More ]