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Kids always dream of having a secret room, a place where they can do lots of fun things like reading books, playing or studying. Perhaps as a parent, this sounds a bit daunting, but you try to remember what little time ago you also never had a secret room? A hidden room when you get yelled at or a comfortable nap when you are tired of playing. Believe me, if you have dreamed it then you are not alone. Today let us realize your childhood dreams and create a secret playroom for kids. I think making a secret room in  [ Read More ]

Building a kids room is not as easy as we imagine, there are many factors we must think about before deciding on the best room design for children. Surely a kids room should be able to make them feel comfortable, not boring, and most importantly, the child’s room should have a good learning space besides just playroom. I know that most children would rather play than have to quietly read a book or be busy with their stationery. As parents, this might always be a problem because they do not know how to make kids have a pleasant study time.  [ Read More ]

What if a cabin is combined with a children’s play house? KOTO (KO-TO) comes from the traditional Finnish word meaning “comfortable at home”. The ilo playhouses from KOTO are the first children’s cabins as well as minimalist playhouses that will be loved by children and even adults. Inspired by the beautiful space that children can claim is theirs, but also the structure that assumes the form of a statue of the elegant and striking, for adults. Ilo is the perfect combination of childhood dreams and the simple form of Scandinavian wooden cabins. Offering a beautiful log structure with a sloping  [ Read More ]

Awaiting the birth of baby is the happiest moment for every family, especially for the pregnant mother. This means you have to prepare everything from nutritional intake for your baby, maintain your diet, adequate rest, and of course build your baby’s room. Speaking of the nursery, I’m sure you already have your own plan that is suitable for decorating your nursery. While you are busy thinking about the right nursery design, you should learn how to arrange baby clothes to avoid clutter. The best idea is to place the baby’s wardrobe that can keep all your baby needs, but what  [ Read More ]

For some reason, having your own room is more fun for every child. But not all parents are lucky to have a big house with lots of space, especially for those who live in apartments or small houses in urban areas, of course, you have to be clever in designing a child’s room can facilitate all their needs. Whatever the reason, budget, limited space, or whatever it is, making kids rooms to share is very common especially for those who have siblings. Fortunately, a kids shared room feels more fun than they have to sleep alone, many positive things they  [ Read More ]