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Kids playroom is a favorite place dedicated to play and learn, to keep all the toys, books, pencils, or even a place to rest. I would like to share 10 kids playroom. You do not always have a space in the corner of the house but could devote a child’s bedroom or space for their arena, including of ?adorable playroom ideas. Playroom must be functional and qualified for kids, a place where the kids are safe if the walls suffered some scratches or paint fall then nothing happens, which stimulate the creativity of children through a splash of color, of  [ Read More ]


Dutch children’s room is so inspiring and surprising me, welcome to kids collection by Dutch magazine 101woonideen. The magazine held an event called on instagram #101kinderkamer, such as asking each person to put the pictures of the rooms of their children, the results of the best plans will be published in September issue. I saw a lot of amazing children’s room here, when I started watching the other room and I liked some of the collection to show you. kids room has a lot of ideas dutch diverse, ranging from colorful kids room, cute wallpaper, textile, until the color white  [ Read More ]

Kids like to play in the house and often times they make a mess of everything, but you can not limit their world because kids always look at the parents and want to be involved in it. Kids play house is the perfect solution to sort it out and give their imagination free reign. Garden into the perfect place to build a child’s play house, beautiful garden renovation so special about the play and its small size reduces too much parental supervision. I imagine having a house while kids play, an old garage with a two-story barn that my brother  [ Read More ]

Colorful space to make kids bedroom looks cheerful, especially utilizing every corner of space to better use. Starting from the study table function for closed storage cabinets, you can make the room more presentable without the messy chaos associated with amount of space in the kids room. Bright colors and wall decal create an interesting theme for their room, look at the top ten kids bedroom with colorful space and solutions for the two boys and girls. source : svoya studio This is a minimalist space filled with function and purpose. Has a long table with drawers, cabinets and benches  [ Read More ]

Choosing furniture is often times difficult for kids, including the kids desk furniture that suits their age. This vintage Desk designed for their learning activities and play, make eco-friendly wood, kids would love it to be in their rooms. Actually very easy vintage kids desk is found, let alone make the room comfortable. For parents of a child’s development is a major concern, give children freedom to express their desires, especially in learning. Maybe you can make a kids learning or computer desk as the most effective means. Here are 20 inspiring vintage kids desk, hopefully pleasing! source : pinterest