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For some people consider the kitchen as the heart of the house. This is a favorite area when you start the day for breakfast or chat about upcoming days with family. Although many people believe the kitchen not that special as was the bathroom where you can bathe and refresh the body, or does not provide entertainment area as in the living room, the kitchen remains a favorite person to cook and prepare a variety of purposes. That is why you cannot ignore the kitchen because this area is the beginning where all activities begin, and you must really pay  [ Read More ]

For many people the kitchen is a favorite area at home, here is where you prepare breakfast when you want to start the day or do your cooking hobby in a fun way. This is the reason that makes the kitchen need more attention in terms of decoration and spatial planning. There are countless kitchen designs today, but enlightening the kitchen will shorten your decorating plan and the kitchen is the first choice to get started. Among the many kitchen designs and layout styles, maybe my favorite among the kitchen finishing thoughts is to brighten up with a retro style.  [ Read More ]

This season is full of beautiful decorations that have taken me to the pleasure of enjoying it, moreover there have been many inspirations that I have found on Pinterest lately. I am ready to welcome spring with full of joy, bohemian vibe everywhere, the classic style of a charming, cozy farmhouse decor, and of course the kitchen area to prepare everything. For my family, the kitchen is the place where it all started, here is where we cook and serve food, so I want to include my favorite lead on Pinterest in the fabulous boho kitchen kitchen decor. I love  [ Read More ]

Sometimes there are always disasters that occur when you want to do a renovation, especially if the renovation you want to do includes a major renovation such as a kitchen. When you decide to renew the kitchen, the problem that often arises is what kind of kitchen design do you want to create? While you still need a lot of budget for repairs in another room. The only option, you need to think about the idea of an affordable kitchen and wood pallets will solve all your problems. Previously, you must be careful in choosing the wood pallet you want  [ Read More ]

Talking about the storage area in the kitchen will definitely not be finished. We organize unfinished kitchen appliances, there are so many more things that make the kitchen a mess. Instead, want to create a comfortable kitchen. If your settings are bad, the kitchen will quickly become a disaster area. The best solution is to organize the kitchen with smart storage and make the pantry kitchen to accommodate all your belongings in the kitchen. Try to use multilevel shelves or use clear storage containers so that your kitchen needs are visible and easily accessible. The kitchen pantry is supposed to  [ Read More ]