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I believe the living room is the heart of every home. Here is a gathering place, telling stories, and receiving people who come to your home. That is why designing a living room is important because the design of a beautiful living room will reflect the homeowner. There are many living room ideas to choose from, from modern guest rooms to farmhouse style to making Scandinavian living rooms popular today. But among the many existing living room designs, have you ever thought of combining them with an outdoor area? The indoor living room is entirely integrated with the outdoor space,  [ Read More ]

When winter starts to feel warm, it means that Christmas will soon arrive. I’m sure a lot of people towards the end of the year will bring holiday decorations out of the garage or pull it down from your attic, but like most people usually they have problems deciding which Christmas decorations will they start first? Maybe the outside area is the first one in your mind when it comes to Christmas decorations, this area is the first thing that people will see when passing in front of your house or guests who will visit. It’s nice to decorate outdoors  [ Read More ]

Not a few of the parents who complain about their homes are always messy when the kids start playing. Even though I’m sure you have made a special room for kids play area, but children are always happy to be in the living room and play there. As a parent, you should always be patient with them and you also can not blame the kids if they prefer to play in tau space rather than in the room or playroom. So why don’t you change your living room into their play area? Isn’t the living room a favorite place for  [ Read More ]

Soon to be June, that means warm days are still going on to give joy to the whole family. Summer gives a lot of fun inside or outside the room, if yesterday we have inspired you with so many fun things outside such as swimming and gardening, then today we will shift into the house. Creating a Bohemian living room means giving an atmosphere that is truly different and personal to you. This style not only gives your living room an artistic design and some ethnic pieces, but Boho chic living room is a combination of freestyle and natural elements  [ Read More ]

This modern living space blurs the line between inside and outside. Not just a trend, this open air living room offers the best of outdoor space, bridging the gap between the interior and exterior of each part of the house. Apart from just flooding your living room with sunlight and framing the surrounding landscape, the idea of living space adds to the amount of space that can be occupied and creates the best area for year-round entertainment without any limiting walls. I have gathered inspiration and noted various ideas for combining two spaces. The first thing you can do is  [ Read More ]