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For those who live in apartments or small homes will find much difficulty in decoration because of limited space. I have a solution that never fails to make your home look bigger and more stately without huge makeover and large mirror is what you need. A large mirror in hallway is at same time very functional and very pretty, you can also put a large mirror in closet or bedroom. Even the oversized mirror always attract attention and create a more elegant interior. In addition, mirror is able to enlarge the space and helps to distribute light so that they  [ Read More ]

Anyone would think it was an ad for sunglasses, when in fact much more complex and creative than that. In Lebanon, the trend is that young people want to see when they go out, they want to look so to speak. They want to be noticed, and they want attention. A nightclub in Beirut, called Riviera want to attract the young trendsetters so they put this cool restroom mirror on the hottest places around town. This is not an ordinary bathroom mirror, they are a mirror that gives the message that they want to hear, and that is that they  [ Read More ]

Thinking about mirrors, they are intriguing object. There is no color or texture to mirror itself, and no expressions such as soft or hard. Something that is sort of hard, silver shiny can be visualized, but what is being seen in real is the reflection of surrounding scenes, and not the mirror itself. And always taking in the surrounding reflections, despite of having influence which is not negligible against the environment, I felt main importance of designing mirror is very much limited to where it is not mirror, but mainly the frame. Then, I tried to think existence against environment  [ Read More ]

All best wooden furniture sets collection gathered here, this reference source wooden furniture was designed from Nendo, furniture company based in Japan. Wooden furniture set features a minimalist design with lots of natural wood colors, even in certain parts deliberately chipped to take artistic value of the wood, each piece can be broken down furniture and reconnected according to your taste. Here there is variety best collections to find reference material furniture 2013, such as chairs, tables, mirrors and hangers. Nendo is furniture manufacturer known for quality wood, it lies at the center of Asahikawa is famous wooden furniture, collection  [ Read More ]

Bathroom mirror is indeed mandatory furniture that must exist in your bathroom interior, but for some people put the bathroom mirrors in deem less practical and spend a lot of space in wall bathroom. Bathroom mirrors with stylish cabinet by Sonia can assist you in selecting bathroom mirror ideas while making it as a multifunctional storage, mirror design is shaped cabinets with a lacquered fiber board, while the holding rack has 4 mm thick with door that can be opened in accordance with your taste. Bathroom mirror also looks for wearing elegant crystal glass material, placing bathroom wall mirror is  [ Read More ]