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Everyone has their own favorite interior style, and one that is popular today is Scandinavian style. The decor is to use the concept of clean and white, Scandinavian style often used for home interior is simple but beautiful. This style, which is dominated by white and gray, chooses minimalist furniture as the main characteristic, and adding a smooth finish with a round coffee table can be a stylish and functional part of your living room. In addition to color selection, furniture is very important to create the Scandinavian style you dream of. Adding a round coffee table is an effective  [ Read More ]

Inspired by nature, the desk series by Mrs Colorberry incorporated many natural worlds into their designs. Besides art, furniture that takes from nature is a trend nowadays, with wildlife, rivers and forests. This table collection looks like a geodes table that serves as a reflection and respect for the surrounding environment. At first glance this table looks like a genuine slice of agate, Mrs Colorberry’s table is actually made of resin which is poured using natural sources such as crystals, stones, pigments, and luster. The combination of concentric designs and colorful Crystal structures found inside the rocks is the main  [ Read More ]

Without realizing the table becomes important furniture when you want to do all activities, whether you are alone, with family, business partners or just sharing information with friends, the table is the best place to do it. But when you are no longer able to hold everything you need, it will be very annoying to have to go into the basement just to take extra table leaves. For this reason, Marcus Voraa, who is also a designer, tries to create flexible tables and have everything in one place. Luckily, at the same time he received an internet-themed message for an  [ Read More ]

Taking inspiration of nature is beautiful and absolutely charming, they give a fresh touch and create an environmentally friendly decorating. Today it’s almost time to start thinking about Thanksgiving ideas, and taking nature inspiration will give a fresh and stylish touch to your Thanksgiving this year. Do not let you stress with poor preparation, the time is now to start the planning process in the first few weeks is not a bad idea, especially if you intend to hold a party this year will be much better. Start by taking your Thanksgiving tablescapes to the next stage, here you will  [ Read More ]

Solid wood furniture manufacturers from Austria, Team 7 really pay attention to product quality while still paying attention to the wise use of resources that are managed sustainably. Seen from one of their flagship products for a home office desk, promoting their love for wood while giving you more profit. This table is really functional, whether you want to stand free, or supported by your feet. Sol is a perfect friend in all areas of life, with a very clear design. Desk has two shells connected together, one made of wood, while others are covered skin becomes brilliant combination. Sol  [ Read More ]