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Who says gardening should need large area and a lot of space? For those who are creative, gardening in a small room becomes a challenge. This idea also makes it easy for you to care for plants, saving a lot of time and energy because it only focuses on one area. Many people think that gardening is the best way to spend extra time, especially if you really like gardening and want to create your own dream garden. But not everyone is lucky to have a large yard, sometimes we only have a few meters left outside, and even then  [ Read More ]

Summer is the best time to be outside, flowers begin to bloom, although there are some first flowers that start to fall. Today it’s time you start thinking of the best decorating plans for the summer, an outdoor decoration that is able to give us a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying the summer outdoors, in the fresh air, and make up our minds refreshed after a day of activities. Bohemian garden decorations will emphasize summer colors, this is a beautiful decoration for a backyard composed by bright colors, textures and unique patterns. When you want to create a boho style outside  [ Read More ]

Having a beautiful garden is everyone’s dream, and that is a different story for those who have never had enough land to do it. While those of you who are lucky enough have a garden in the courtyard, you should really pay attention to the beauty of your garden from now because the park is probably a great place to spend some time towards the end of this summer. A good garden is also a favorite playground for children, it will be better than they have to play far outside the house, which is why garden designs must always be  [ Read More ]

Outdoor modern concept is simple and easy to apply, including how to design a modern landscape that is suitable for those who live in urban areas. This is a smooth and beautiful geometric design between urban densities, clean lines and green open spaces that make you feel relaxed after returning home. Combining natural concepts with the details of modern sculpture can create contemporary living space, this area can be your favorite and family when you want to spend time outdoors. You can add some furniture to turn it into a comfortable living space, dining room for dining out. Modern landscaping  [ Read More ]

Need inspiration for a beautiful home page that can make your heart calm? Maybe the Japanese courtyard decor ideas is what you are looking for. Japanese decor is mostly known for its unique history and tradition, a way of life in society which still holds the traditions of discipline and show the beauty of the simple things that they show at every decor both indoor and outdoor room. Japanese people don’t like complicated things because they prefer to live in a quiet and peaceful house rather than having to live in a mansion but not make them happy. Even so,  [ Read More ]