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There are always unexpected things about how people decorate their homes. For those of you who like plants and hobby gardening, perhaps the idea of the garden under the stairs can be something unique and interesting to try. Creating an indoor garden has been known for a long time, but utilizing the area under the stairs is truly brilliant. This garden idea will be a good introduction for the whole family to introduce greenery into the room. If usually the empty space under the stairs is often left just like that, even though the most common use makes it a  [ Read More ]

Gardens are the most pleasant area when you want to spend time or do your hobbies in a positive way. That is why having a garden in the backyard is a distinct advantage especially for those of you who live in urban areas. In addition you can your gardening hobby so well, this area is also a fun playground for children. One day when I wanted to take my little daughter into gardening, I really couldn’t find her, apparently she hid under her favorite tree and looked very happy there. This is why in this post I am inspired to  [ Read More ]

Winter is not the best time to spend outside, but who can refuse the winter terrace collection that will make anyone want to be there. Adding a few touches of winter to your terrace will be very helpful when you are tired of always being in the house. This terrace’s decoration will highlight the season so you can spend more time outdoors, while you still feel warm and comfortable. I think winter is as beautiful as other seasons. This is the time when all around becomes white with snow and cold weather becomes even romantic when you’re there. First you  [ Read More ]

The best way to decorate a garden is to plant some of your favorite plants or add a cottage garden. If you are planning to create a cottage garden then you need to consider several factors such as the concept of the garden and the supporting elements such as design and color. This time I want to try to inspire you with modern cottage garden ideas that can be an alternative to decorating your garden. Modern design is about clean lines, with a more natural approach to plants, furniture and plant management. You can add everything to decorate your cottage  [ Read More ]

Who is not familiar with bonsai? Plants or trees dwarfed in pots are increasingly popular because of traditional Japanese art. Many people like to care for bonsai creations to create a unique plant that can be used as a hobby as well beautify your garden. Usually bonsai are planted in shallow pots with the aim of making miniatures from the original shape of large trees that are old in the wild. Basically all trees can be made miniature and this makes bonsai trees very interesting because it can be a challenge for those who love plants. There are several factors  [ Read More ]