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Decorating the outside area is part of the beauty of your home. If all this time you only focus on the front and back yard garden, then you also need to think about side house decor. The long and narrow side yard is a challenge that is not easy to do, you have to adjust the garden design and the area of your house to get the garden decoration you want. Start by paying attention to the functions and benefits on your side house, whether you need to decorate the left or right side of the yard or even both.  [ Read More ]

This season is the best season for gardening, but what if you really don’t have a garden to start? Here are 10 of the most creative ways to planting ideas that will help you make your home more green, provide real vegetables, and give you more fresh air when it’s hot outside. Make your home more fun with simple ideas that will make a lot of changes to your life, and of course you don’t really need a garden. 1. Bar cart gives you more space with an easier way. You can group several plants or vegetables according to the  [ Read More ]

Summer is the best season to be outside, this is a warm season where flowers begin to bloom greeted with fresh air. Do not let this season pass, make sure you enjoy every color nonstop throughout the season with container gardening ideas with lots of flowers and plants. You can start by choosing a beautiful pots to decorate your patio or yard, even if you really do not have time for gardening, you will be difficult to reject the idea of this container flower gardening. Maybe for some reason, you also don’t have much space outside or patience to become  [ Read More ]

Warm days begin to feel, which means spring and summer are near and not a more pleasant way than to spend them outdoors, enjoying the warm air that is refreshing and the fragrant flower that just blooms. This is the best time to change the outdoor area to be full of magic by turning your garden into a little bit of paradise. And amazingly, you don’t need a lot of things to do it because the key is lighting. Front and back yard you will be more alive than in the glitter of light strings, your patio will also not  [ Read More ]

A comfortable home definitely needs privacy, both to give its occupants a sense of security or provide a place of relaxation outdoors. I believe we all need privacy, no matter whether you live in the city or in the suburbs, even privacy applies to those of you who live in the countryside. The best way to get it is to isolate the front or back yard by building a stunning outdoor area. This is not just about protecting you and your family from the eyes of curious neighbors or disturbing, it’s about creating your own private paradise where you and  [ Read More ]