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A cozy retreat located in the Balearic Sea, retreat Mallorcan is also the last project by Michael Smith. If you do not know who Michael Smith, he is a designer known for redesigning the Oval Office to the former US president, Barack Obama. Photographed by Magnus Marding for WSJ Magazine October 2017 edition, this villa has six bedrooms belongs to a good friend of Smith’s, are Nancy and Howard Marks, she the chair of the fashion label Sies Marjan and he the co-chair of an investment firm. Walking in this reteat you will be pampered with a charming view of  [ Read More ]

Bali is famous for its beautiful white sandy beaches, besides Bali’s forest has also been widely known to save many miracle rich in green plants and wildlife. If you think the charm of Bali is just that, then you do not really know about Bali yet. Not too far from Bali’s water and forest, villa mana is a superb six-bedroom holiday villa located in Canggu, southwest of Bali, offering stunning views of rice fields and mountains and attentive service from a skilled chef and experienced team of staff. Which would like to offer you the other side of the beauty  [ Read More ]

I always liked how the quality, artwork, and love is able to create a beautiful rendering at a consistent level. Like one of the works of Nguyen Ba Dung a Founder of 4pixos Studio & 4pixos Training. This is an intriguing commercial project early in 2017. Vana Vilas is the visualization of forest villas in the heritage village of Assagao, North Goa. Being in this villa then you will be presented with a beautiful tropical forest landscape and great fun playing with Itoo Forest Pack. A hidden place that offers the beauty of nature and will certainly bring you closer  [ Read More ]

Inspired by the beauty of traditional Greek island architecture, Interior & Styling design Annabell Kutucu and Michael Schickinger create stunning tourist destinations along the coast. Casa Cook Kos is the perfect place for those who want to enjoy a holiday with a traditional feel with a stunning tropical style, has a feel like a village with one and two-story cube houses grouped around gardens and terraces. I think very inspired by the Greek parea, this is a good time to start collecting your friends because Casa Cook Kos is a beach hideaway and summer to escape for the like-minded people  [ Read More ]

The Native is a boutique hostel, cafe and favorite place for epicurean travelers and locals alike. One that makes it different because it is located in a 2-storey stone building that dates back to the late 1800s and a medieval brick warehouse, this hostel is right in the middle of the city and is also adjacent to the city center. This venue is designed by studio to work with clients and interior designers Joel Mozersky Design to utilize rich textiles and materials, they also take the right theme addressed throughout the design process as “dark and stormy”. As a  [ Read More ]