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This holiday houses is a transition from a modern style glass house. Blessed with an unspoiled environment in the middle of an apple orchard and surrounded by stunning dolomite mountains. Peter Pichler architecture based in Milan is successfully designing the structure as a holiday unit. Each wall looks like a mirror from the surrounding nature that makes this house like one with the landscape. This project is structured so that guests can fully enjoy the experience of living in nature but equipped with luxurious amenities. This architectural studio is known for its concern for the environment and sustainable design, maximizes  [ Read More ]

The swimming pool is the most favorite area outside, here you can do lots of fun things like swimming, sunbathing or just sitting relaxed outside. For some reason, people think the pool even as a little paradise can always enjoy such a holiday. That is why many people design their swimming pool to be as attractive as possible, adding some furniture and for those who are creative the swimming pool can feel truly integrated with nature. Inspired by the natural surroundings, waterfalls can be a spectacular decoration with more water features. This idea also gives you peace with the sound  [ Read More ]

Towards winters started to unfriendly, in some parts of the world has even seen snow began to fall. That means Christmas is nearing, and the holiday season will soon follow. If you have prepared everything and started dreaming of Christmas decorations in November, then you are not alone because the year-end holiday is the most anticipated and Christmas is the most beautiful end of year. Another case if you are too busy with the activities, even you will wait until the last minute, you need a decor that is practical, easy, and certainly with a cheap budget. I don’t think  [ Read More ]

Many people prefer to work at home rather than having to work all day at the office, and that means you must have a workspace at home. Speaking of workspace or home office, I’m sure you already have your own choice, be it modern, Scandinavian or minimalist style. Today I would not much alter the design of the workspace that you already have, but I want to add some important decoration which I believe will greatly help in improving the quality and focus of your work. No matter how you like the work you do now, there are times when  [ Read More ]

By the end of this year, the holiday spirit was everywhere, especially since Christmas was only a month away. I’m sure there are many people looking for a beautiful Christmas decorations for their homes, even if you’ve prepared everything, you still need some DIY projects to improve it. Speaking of DIY Christmas decorations, I am very interested in the Christmas palette project because besides being cheap, they are quite easy to work on and can be used for various decoration purposes. Pallets are easy to get, even I’m sure you have several pallet storage boxes in a warehouse or garage,  [ Read More ]