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Summer is the best time to be outside, flowers begin to bloom, although there are some first flowers that start to fall. Today it’s time you start thinking of the best decorating plans for the summer, an outdoor decoration that is able to give us a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying the summer outdoors, in the fresh air, and make up our minds refreshed after a day of activities. Bohemian garden decorations will emphasize summer colors, this is a beautiful decoration for a backyard composed by bright colors, textures and unique patterns. When you want to create a boho style outside  [ Read More ]

As a child, have you ever dreamed to have a secret room? A space where only you know and are free to do whatever you want there. Every child would want to have their own secret room, this is like a secret hiding place where they can play to their heart’s content. Inspired by childhood desires and dreams, I want to show you the idea of a secret space that will bring you back in time. But not this time it’s not just a secret room that only you know, but these spaces have additional functions for your home such  [ Read More ]

For those of you pet lovers, especially cats, don’t miss the cat tree by Katris below. They are an individual team based in Silicon Valley, dedicating themselves to specialized cat furniture products that are suitable for any interior while providing our pets with a comfortable playroom. I love the way they choose materials that can be recycled, even who would have thought they were making all these modern cat tree of paper and they believe in its power. This furniture is designed to be able to blend into any space, even become part of your own furniture. Currently Katris is  [ Read More ]

Beaches and holidays sometimes we need to refresh our mind and body. If you don’t have plans for this weekend, so why not make the most of it by redecorating your balcony into a relaxing relaxation area? This time I chose the beach theme as a balcony decoration, and get ready to relax. Here’s how to decorate your balcony so that the holiday is getting more fun to minimize any activities. Try these simple tips to maximize your balcony, no matter how small your balcony is, and create a relaxing room with a beach feel for yourself. Let’s start with  [ Read More ]

Having a beautiful garden is everyone’s dream, and that is a different story for those who have never had enough land to do it. While those of you who are lucky enough have a garden in the courtyard, you should really pay attention to the beauty of your garden from now because the park is probably a great place to spend some time towards the end of this summer. A good garden is also a favorite playground for children, it will be better than they have to play far outside the house, which is why garden designs must always be  [ Read More ]