This apartment has been renovated over the last year, initially apartment using a variety of rustic design, then turned into a modern style that looks extreme. Retained a rural feel even though some parts are not as before, the result of collaboration with West Elm turns to give the feel of fresh, maybe now is the time to reform while maintaining a rustic modern impression. Here’s a special edition with a brilliant combination. Choice of living room furniture, sofa bed antique blue looks very beautiful. Sofa super comfortable and perfect to curl up, making it suitable for watching movies in  [ Read More ]

Apartment colors is a special light and bright with artwork, I love to play with colors and can never get enough of the colors, as I love this apartment in Madrid. Furnishings and antique treasures full of modern pieces are beautiful, full of color to keep things interesting and improve the visual rhythm marked by the contrast. Many curved lines mark the space, dressed in bright colors decorated with sculptures derived from Anmoder. Furthermore, The Vitra Eames Lounge Chair. On the sofa, by Antonio Citterio for B & B in Bd, a splash of color with pillows Batavia and Vivienne  [ Read More ]

Attic apartments with shelving provides shelter as well a smart solution. Eaux-Vixes Apartments by Amaldi Neder Architects are in duplicate a building built for whole families who want to benefit from existence of neighboring gardens. You can see it through glass canopy, lets you enjoy outdoor scenery indefinitely. It integrates attic apartment design in center of storage system, there are bookcases, stairs, and railings as a single architectural statement. Living room and dining room extension to deliberately increase the visual experience and provide spaciousness. Perimeter walls be used to unify various furniture in the house. This apartment ideas also take  [ Read More ]

Attic apartment with futuristic shelving divided into three rooms and has nearly all the Scandinavian style interior. Located in central Gothenburg, Sweden and in the Art Nouveau building from early 1900’s. This apartment offers great views of the city that you can see from roof, entering the apartment you will be taken with elevator that leads to the sixth floor, while dominating the hallway with storage shelves in form three large closets. Design apartments provide abundant light source, you will see lots of big windows were amazing. To minimize indoor kitchen area purposely designed together with the dining room, there  [ Read More ]

This apartment requires only a small area, but spacious which makes it charming. Taking concept of contemporary art into line the room, KO+KO architects have managed to create an apartment for the future. It was supposed to put two additional bedrooms and a studio where artists can stay friends, and can also be used as a personal gallery. Domination white, gray, black, wood, brick and concrete surfaces make the free interaction of horizontal and vertical volume of the unitary semantic functional areas. Apartment ideas with modern touches that characterize apartment to show a spirit courage, but remains masculine in nature.  [ Read More ]