Do you live in loft apartment and often have problems with the hot weather? This shady interior garden will probably give you solutions to think bigger. This apartment has a perfect style, bright white room and the most important artistic touches everywhere you look. But what I love about this apartment is a beautiful loft apartment pair installation uses indoor garden, it really works to pull the eye from anywhere in the room, a useful feature given the vast scale of interior using an open layout. There are many plants in the room with given little DIY experience and skilled  [ Read More ]

Attic apartments with shelving provides shelter as well a smart solution. Eaux-Vixes Apartments by Amaldi Neder Architects are in duplicate a building built for whole families who want to benefit from existence of neighboring gardens. You can see it through glass canopy, lets you enjoy outdoor scenery indefinitely. It integrates attic apartment design in center of storage system, there are bookcases, stairs, and railings as a single architectural statement. Living room and dining room extension to deliberately increase the visual experience and provide spaciousness. Perimeter walls be used to unify various furniture in the house. This apartment ideas also take  [ Read More ]