If your house happen to have attic, then you are lucky. The attic space as you get the added bonus of extra mileage to move upwards. Once you get the assurance of contractor you that your attic space can indeed finishing, then you only need a little decoration. You have so many choices, one of which makes creative attic library. Reading books requires a quiet, comfortable, and away from the noise. It is very suitable for attic library, here you can read without too much interference. Combination of attic library is also very practical for function room, such as storage,  [ Read More ]

Attic apartments with shelving provides shelter as well a smart solution. Eaux-Vixes Apartments by Amaldi Neder Architects are in duplicate a building built for whole families who want to benefit from existence of neighboring gardens. You can see it through glass canopy, lets you enjoy outdoor scenery indefinitely. It integrates attic apartment design in center of storage system, there are bookcases, stairs, and railings as a single architectural statement. Living room and dining room extension to deliberately increase the visual experience and provide spaciousness. Perimeter walls be used to unify various furniture in the house. This apartment ideas also take  [ Read More ]

Welcome to an attic room with stylish decor, we want to share how to make attic a fun place for the whole family. Attic room is always identical with barn you can leave after viewing attic ideas to inspirational your next home. Another advantage of an attic room is has a lot of natural light, large windows, wood floors and roofs. All materials can be optimized with arrangement of the room and the renovation of right, there is a colorful kids room design, bedroom and living room. For those of you who want to get a classic style, adding a  [ Read More ]