There are so many wedding theme options today, but if you are planning a wedding with a beach theme then you basically have won the wedding venue draw. Who does not love with the beauty of the beach? Married beside the waves and surrounded by stunning sea views seems to be the dream of every couple who want to hold a wedding party. If you want to choose a beach wedding theme for your wedding party, you and the guests will not only be pampered with beach scenery and natural decorations, but there are many fun things you can do  [ Read More ]

Last week I came to a friend’s wedding, but the concept of marriage has really surprised me because it uses beach wedding ideas. I just know if beach wedding is more romantic as it may seem simple, and most importantly the cost we spend too much optimal. Beach wedding is a dream of every person who wants a romantic wedding, perhaps those of you who are lucky enough to wedding in a seaside resort with a perfect backdrop would surely believe. This time I want to show wedding decoration which offers a unique touch that is specifically for beach wedding  [ Read More ]