I have plenty of time for Christmas holidays this year, I think want to spend it with bedroom to change. This morning I got out of bed and found a 10 spectacular bedroom ideas are so warm and comfortable. I’m really going to spend all day in bed wearing my favorite pajamas if I could, but Christmas time is hard to pass up, there are plenty of things to do today. So I’ll share a collection of bedroom daydreaming instead, perhaps one is your favorite! source: bloglovin

Modern beds by Hican offering a variety luxury and sophistication, these beds have curtains that can make you comfortable or even for fun relaxation. Many multimedia devices implanted in this bed, pamper you with a bed curtain with high fidelity. Class sound system, reading lights and a variety of entertainment and games connected to the projector. Enjoy high quality movies or listen to music simply just move down in front beds. Hican make bed design with an automated system, it allows you to easily customize the house interior, the bed is not only convenient but gives satisfaction of enjoying amenities.

Bedrooms is very beautiful with a view surrounded by nature. When a break is the best opportunity to pamper yourself after activity and bedroom a favorite place for you. If your bedroom is dealing directly with the outside environment, like a beach, forest or garden then you should have a bedroom decor like this. Roof windows and large glass handy to give you a view of nature around, in addition to natural lighting, air circulation that goes also feels more refreshing. You do not need a lot of furniture with room because bedroom concept is to give flexibility to space.  [ Read More ]

What is interesting from bedrooms Skandinavian? Nordic Bedrooms may look cold with a lot of furniture, but we are aware of this bedroom is really cool and cozy even we can also put it in the attic. The main element from bedrooms is color scheme, in addition to texture furniture and wooden floors. Neutral color and white is a key concept, you can add a mix of colors like black, red, yellow and green according to taste and reduce the feeling of comfort in this bedroom. Scandinavian ideas may vary. You can also get the retro style, choosing scandinavian bedroom  [ Read More ]