Who is not familiar with bonsai? Plants or trees dwarfed in pots are increasingly popular because of traditional Japanese art. Many people like to care for bonsai creations to create a unique plant that can be used as a hobby as well beautify your garden. Usually bonsai are planted in shallow pots with the aim of making miniatures from the original shape of large trees that are old in the wild. Basically all trees can be made miniature and this makes bonsai trees very interesting because it can be a challenge for those who love plants. There are several factors  [ Read More ]

There are always ways to improve the room scheme to make it look more amazing, one of which is to add a few plants in the room. Nowadays there are many indoor plants that become trends such as succulent, cactus or similar green plants. But in my opinion the type of plant is very common and we often find almost every home. So if you are looking for something completely different, why not try a bonsai tree? This plant is not only beautiful, but can provide a calm and classy atmosphere for every interior design scheme. Bonsai is a favorite  [ Read More ]

Creating more green room can be done by adding a potted plant. Inspired by Japanese native plants, bonsai trees is the best choice for room ideas. Bonsai plants are easily included in the treatment regimen, these trees can provide a quiet atmosphere and a lot of rage because of its captivating. You just need a little time to take care of this plant, in addition to providing a relaxing hobby can also be formed according to your own desires. Bathroom is best suited to bonsai placing a single, minimalist style make room more attractive. The drawback of this plant is  [ Read More ]