French country house is a work an artist and the inspiration for the creative soul. This is great for artists, creating perfect relaxation for harmony between humans and nature. We love antique style in some rooms, beautiful house with a revitalizing blend nature and human mind to exist naturally. This house has a rustic feel that is very pronounced, pure and without guile in it. French house is little peice of paradise and dream home for every person. House interior was left open with green terraces and arrangement for splendor, you will find plenty of space for privacy or secret  [ Read More ]

The farmhouse is situated on pristine riverside, with waterfalls flowing over an ancient dam. Having floating house design that was first discovered was a sinking ship, after undergoing renovations and improvements in some parts until about four years later, in 1820 manor house is now a studio on contrasts. The splendor of house will be retained while classy modern elements added, including giving glass curtain wall in the main part, the skyscraper in kitchen area, minimalist style interior and patio floating on the water surface. Farmhouse will be apparent when night, moonlight mingled kitchen lights confirmed in 20’s unique style,  [ Read More ]

Small house is located in Spanish trying to keep rustic atmosphere to remain natural. Nature areas that support surrounded by beautiful garden attracted the attention surrounding environment, while this house only consisted of wooden beams and stone walls. Around the small room that used bright colors in decor and furnishings, as well as use of large windows. Some parts of this house has undergone renovations, such as the walls were replaced by glass, wooden structures lightweight yet sturdy and a fireplace to keep warm. The main interest is to the garden, owner put outdoor furniture and garden set with a  [ Read More ]

This apartment is located in Turin, Italy. Being on the top floor of a house built in the early 20th century, was originally the residence Cubo apartment 55 square meters, but architect can improve the room area by 15 box. They engage cubic volume, which occupies a central place in apartment, situated upstairs bedroom, and inside there is a bathroom and kitchen. You can go up the stairs, carved directly from the cube. It also acts as a room divider with a kitchen area which has increased significantly due to the efficient allocation of space. Small apartment design still allow  [ Read More ]

Small house was first built in the 1940s as part of the Vanport village, located on 5 acres of property on Sauvie island and was originally a docker building to house the ship. At the end of 2008 a small house was bought by Jessica and Yianni, they are house renovations while maintaining the concept of an existing building. Limitations of space only 540 square meters to function optimally, rustic theme is the main attraction of the small house design complete with chicken farms, bees and cheese from goat’s milk and cow. Large room for interior, allowing kitchen, dining room  [ Read More ]