Bedroom is the most convenient area of the house where we could relax and unwind. Designing curtain headboard for the bed is very important to support the comfort and make your bedroom look very attractive. There are various styles of curtains that you can use, one of which is the use of Christmas lights. Feeling comfortable and soothing of Christmas light will make you a better sleep quality, besides headboard is also very simple and easy to do yourself at home. Bringing the Christmas atmosphere into the bed is indeed worth a try, below are some amazing ideas that you  [ Read More ]

Beautify the room can be done very easily, one of them chose beach decor to add texture and color that will turn your room. Seashells is a fun and inexpensive way for this project, sharing shell crafts especially curtains many people use as a decoration or a room divider. They can be easily transformed into a cool decoration, brings a different atmosphere in the room in addition to the actual function. Various designs curtain shells, patterns and motifs are varied, of course, gives us the convenience to choose which one is more qualified. Although this type of curtain can be  [ Read More ]

IKEA again presents new curtains to freshen things up, colorful textiles inspiration to all the changes that you need to create a space that you love. So take a look collection of IKEA window curtains with soft touch in below to get some ideas for bringing new life into your home, enjoy from IKEA. Your window treatment doesn’t have to be the same size as your window. In fact, big curtains can make your window and your whole room look bigger. Here, we’ve gone for a bold black and white look with a touch of nature. It’s easy to bring  [ Read More ]