If you like classic interior style that gives the impression of a magnificent and luxurious in your home, then the gothic style can be an attractive option for your room. European architectural style has its own characteristics. But by doing a proper arrangement then your room will not only look classic and classy but also far from being boring. Then how to create a dramatic interior style? For gothic architectural style is usually an indoor section has a steep line shape and resolute with a very sharp pointed arches to show the impression of glamor and mysterious of your home.  [ Read More ]

Gothic interior style was first introduced in France when the builders, glass makers, and other art craftsmen want to realize desire of their religious leaders. Gothic was first introduced with name of French Style. This architecture implements the model shown firmness in the forms of dark, mysterious, arches, colorful glass, and stone carvings. In this classic French architectural style, everything that smells natural not shown. Although the Italian artist himself calls this model as the architectural style of the architectural style of the bars, but the fact is now French style or Gothic-style architecture implemented in many modern homes today.  [ Read More ]

This bedroom was inspired from some horror movie, so many people assume that gothic style as seen in the film Dracula. Gothic style could give the impression of bleak or dark if the design has a mysterious character. But the gothic style can also show the elegant and high class of the designer. Thirteen bedrooms consist of gothic colors that can be applied to a blend of strong character and the color such as red, black, purple, gold, dark green and deep yellow. But I suggest you to play a blend of colors between red and black in the room  [ Read More ]