Indoor plants are a simple solution for you who want to create an atmosphere that is much fresher in the house or apartment. You do not need a sophisticated air filter or any complicated solution, you just need to choose some plants from 10 collections below and that will help you get best air quality, particularly useful for reducing the amount of dust in your home. Plants believed to absorb the dirty air to replace it with clean air, capable of removing pollutants from the air and increase air humidity. Add some pots, glass vases or hanging plants around the  [ Read More ]

Creating indoor courtyard could be a fun idea for those of you who do not have good weather conditions outdoors, or maybe you want to include part of nature for house decoration. Courtyard like this are very beautiful for minimalist interior because it looks natural with plants and materials, thus giving the feel of fresh greenery and contrast in the room. Various indoor courtyard design you can see here, ranging from making the pond with water lilies inside, it makes your room look comfortable and so zen. Or are you happy to add a tree or shrub in the room,  [ Read More ]