Nepa Lamp was designed by Giles Godwin Brown, a recent graduate and has designed two high-quality modern lamps but this time I want to display one of the most unique design results. From the designer. This is a two-dimensional lamp silhouette that seamlessly transforms into a fully functioning three-dimensional task lamp. Created utilising modern computer-controlled technologies coupled with conventional materials, the Nepa Lamp aspires to be the understated centerpiece to any room. Inspiration was taken from previous classics of the lighting industry combined with my fundamental design principles that require my products to be in their most simple form, whilst  [ Read More ]

Your office work requires disciplined and high concentration. For simplicity means you need a lighting that supports all activities of office. Modern office lighting for improve concentration a brilliant way to beautify the office room, an interesting collection that meet standards of optimal lighting. Designed by Swedish studio, has a unique lighting design because it can be assembled easily and fit your needs. Great shape but neat and capable of spreading light in almost all your office desk. This lamp is able to accommodate more light, made folded panels and has three pieces of light sources. If you want a  [ Read More ]

Ligh To Me is a table lamp designed by ILIDE, using salt as natural element and the LED light scattering. A light that comes out of the traditional rules or forms are seen. Fresh and creative ideas, destined to make history in Light Design. Very cool LED lights (700 lumens at 9W) from the main body To Me Light refracted and reflected bathed in natural salt crystals with soothing reflection. A natural result of a long research, which is just salt and certain types of LED light that can be make. Spherical grip to move Ligh To Me in various  [ Read More ]