This kids room belonged Asher 22 months, and Holly 3.5 years when their mother, Belinda Kurtz also an interior design specializing in nursery. Belinda began her career a year ago, in addition to a nursery, kids bedroom and playroom, she also received orders on demand adult design space. The traditional design is characteristic of the design, the look of his room full of vintage pieces. Since moving home when Asher is 3 months old and Holly going to bed first big, Belinda began to think to combine their rooms while engaged in some interior design work. After they share a  [ Read More ]

What color is right for nursery? After we celebrate the vibrant colors last month, it is time to give a chance to a neutral color that dominates. Neutral nursery does not specialize for a particular gender, so it can be used for boys and girls. This color also feels soothing, soft, and comfortable for baby, because when we talk about the nursery, all mothers want the best for sure and of course must be as comfortable as possible. 20 neutral nursery ideas will inspire you find one of them, may help and get inspired!

Walking in Kirsty room really make me fall in love, pink decor everywhere celebrate everything looks girly. This room is designed for sweet daughter of the last child four siblings, so her mother is very excited to welcome their little girl into the house and get busy with color pink in her room. Kristy room was adorable, all pink colorful, do not miss storage cabinets also sweeten the room. Kirsty was very lucky to be the last daughter, because she was getting more than a little boy in general. If you have daughters, do not need to wait until the  [ Read More ]

Looking forward to birth a child is very pleasant indeed. Moreover, when we prepare everything from now on, including for nursery. There are many nursery design specifically designed for them. Various models and options all looks attractive, it makes us confused to choose children’s room design as what works for our children. Utilizing wallpaper and wall stickers you can choose to create an atmosphere more cheerful baby’s room. When you do not want too many colors, combine two contrasting colors only, so it does not look too crowded. Use bright colors for nursery carpet so the room still looks spacious  [ Read More ]