Who does not know Pokemon? If you are a child or a parent between the mid-90s, then you’re probably familiar with Pokemon Bulbasaur. Especially now Pokemon again present in mobile games is quite popular. Thanks to designers Anqi Chen from PrintAWorld, monster plant is trying to start up from screen into the real world. They are joined by their fellow, a Pokemon character understated, Oddish. Chen has designed these two characters reimagined as small planters in the backs and their heads. The Bulbasaur and Oddish planters created on 3D printer using ABS plastic, which is the same material used to  [ Read More ]

Hobbies succulent plants or the like has become a new trend at the moment, so I thought I would share some DIY painted plant pots from all over pinterest collection that you can easily make hobbies. Terracotta pots are the best option for pot outside or indoors, adding a bit of color or pattern is also very pleasant way to bring some life to an area of the house with your pot to coordinate the colors you love. Do you like neon colors or simple lines, I believe that here there is one of which is your favorite. Consider using  [ Read More ]

I would like to invite you tidy work space and take advantage of unused items into chic and versatile furniture. I’ve seen wool accessories all over the place, and they have attractive appearance that we could find. Such as wool pencil pots and the following estates, How to create accessories armed with cans of soup pot, the goods of Velcro Industries, and neon thread. It’s very easy and you can create your own group pencil pot and planters as you want. Materials: – neon thread – metal soup cans (washed, of course!) – felt sheets – VELCRO® Brand Attach-A-Patch Tools: –  [ Read More ]

There are different from plant pot by Etsy, mini pots it can make a room more colorful than freshen the room. Neon color ideas for planter pots into an enjoyable mini plantation, suitable for small air plants and succulents. You do not need a large space in storage, mixing several design small pots in the house, at least you will create beautiful interior with pots. Brite Mini Planters Bring the outdoors in…in style with these adorably modern mini planters. Great for small succulents and other cactus varieties. Each carefully hand dipped in a bright neon Pink, Yellow, Orange and Purple.  [ Read More ]

Creating more green room can be done by adding a potted plant. Inspired by Japanese native plants, bonsai trees is the best choice for room ideas. Bonsai plants are easily included in the treatment regimen, these trees can provide a quiet atmosphere and a lot of rage because of its captivating. You just need a little time to take care of this plant, in addition to providing a relaxing hobby can also be formed according to your own desires. Bathroom is best suited to bonsai placing a single, minimalist style make room more attractive. The drawback of this plant is  [ Read More ]