For me the kitchen is a room that gives a lot of inspiration, from here it all starts when we want to start the day, and kitchen is the best place for you who like to cook. I always dreamed of a kitchen with cooking pleasant environment, surrounded by the warm atmosphere of rustic and filled with a minimalist touch. Here are 25 Scandinavian kitchen ideas that will turn your kitchen into a more charming. No matter how small your kitchen is, Scandinavian kitchen decoration still looks beautiful even for a cramped kitchen space. Scandinavian kitchen designs typically use white  [ Read More ]

The traditional design is characteristic of Scandinavian style, simple but looks warm and cozy. Interior design like this you can have for your kitchen, even if you are not currently in Northern Europe. White domination became key Scandinavian style interior, so in this kitchen throughout walls and furniture white colored. As the heated mix of white with natural colors, green, brown, and red brick. What about motive? This style implements a pattern of lines, squares, or floral. Much of wood materials used for rustic style interiors, therefore, apply the Scandinavian kitchen wooden furniture sets, look more beautiful space decorated with  [ Read More ]

Kitchen is most important part of the house, such as the heart where the family gathered throughout the day to eat and spend time together. You will be hard to distinguish between inside and outside, the kitchen will be invited to bring nature to the concept of space. Trees and mountains visible in concrete, wood and organic shapes in everything from floor to the field and storage racks. A homely kitchen and realized, with clean lines and white background. Designed by Norema, a designer from Norway has created a Scandinavian style to rustic and modern kitchen ideas. each has their  [ Read More ]