This apartment has a very limited space, located in a rented apartment in Moscow area of 10 square meters. But the designer Anton Semenov turn it into a functional space by combining office, bedroom, living room and cabinets. Repairs done alone including window frames donated by friends from the old house. I really enjoyed the unusual color, how stark white walls with blue ceiling, large mirror gold and some industrial-style buttons. Anyone will fall in love after seeing these images, small apartment ideas is the perfect solution for those of you who want the beauty in confined spaces!

This apartment located in Melbourne, Australia. Designed by Clare Cousins Architects with the main concept of changing a small apartment into studio and living space for creative kids room. Most of the basic materials they chose plywood and make some interesting angles to create a bedroom tersembunyi.Materinya not only how to utilize the space, but above all provide a beautiful and fantastic results. The apartment is full of wood almost in every part, it makes the white color of choice for the interior sweet. If you are interested in this apartment you can live alone and do that, because the  [ Read More ]