An urban oasis usually has a small backyard, but that does not mean you can not build green open spaces that provide play areas, gardens and entertaining spots. Urban oasis can be an effective way to relieve the stress of urban life, and one that is popular today is to build an urban oasis with tropical style. If you have a tropical backyard garden you will certainly be able to experience a daily holiday with a refreshing tropical feel. In order to do so, you do not have to go to the suburbs or go far on a jungle vacation  [ Read More ]

The use of indoor plants is always fun. Today many of us who live in crowded urban areas with little natural greenery, it makes the plants become very important in the whole space. This time I really want to add green space to the next level, which is almost like an urban jungle. Any type of plant can be utilized, ranging from hanging plants, succulents, cacti and many more. Take a look at more examples of wonderful room that is filled with plants, I’m sure you might feel like being outside and enjoying the whole coolness. source: apartmenttherapy