At a glance, this Mediterranean building looks like a North Italian style that is synonymous with its architectural style and history. If you think so, believe me this is not a stunning villa in Italy. Designed by Stein Design, given the name Villa Nueva is a spectacular building located in La Quinta, California. This is the final resting place for you in a beautiful and dramatic desert mountain environment. This 8,800 square foot luxury building greatly accentuates Italian architectural style with modern interior decor and stone exterior from classic Mediterranean design. For those of you who want to experience staying  [ Read More ]

Kenoa beach resort offers a variety of facilities and comfort to your holiday plans, located in Brazil with beautiful beaches where turquoise sea and golden sands into the main attraction. Kenoa resort will pamper you enjoy exclusive spa as means relaxation, sunbathing on beach, or watch the sunset. Between environment and unique blend of inspired architecture meets simplicity with color texture and shape of a fabulous resort. Spacious villa lets you discover personal experience with the natural surroundings, interior refresh makes your mood happy to be here. Tranquility of the beach makes every guest feel unique holiday experience in Brazil.  [ Read More ]

Holiday villa presents beautiful beach surrounded by palm trees await you at Six Senses Resort, Maldives. Located deep in the Indian Ocean and is the only resort at Laamu Atoll, you can achieve it through a plane ride while looking beach along the way, while the boat will take you to where the dolphins swim. This villa is built from sustainable materials, was on beach and on the water offers a picture of a palm tree paradise. Guests will be pampered with delicious seafood dishes at several lounges and restaurants of chefs east and west. Villa linked with past timber  [ Read More ]

Underwater hotel located in Dubai offers deep ocean technology and exotic underwater scenery. This water discus hotel consists of two parts underwater and above water, the concept of the hotel allows guests to enjoy stunning sea shades while you can also relax in the sun. The structure consists of a five-foot building that solid foundation that leads to sea and consists of a vertical shaft and stair lifts. There is a large swimming pool that marks top of disc with satellite on the side. Glass-walled alleys will take you to the training pool for diving, underwater restaurant, spa area for  [ Read More ]

Attic apartments can be an alternative to building a comfortable, attic apartment is located in old town of Bilbao, Spain. Designed by interior designer Mikel Larrinaga, standing in an old building and take neoclassical ideas with stunning views of the patio. Attic apartment décor at first left a lot of classic style and old installation, Mikel lead out to a terrace house, creating a captivating aesthetic. After experiencing many changes in architecture attic apartment, the old floor has been turned into an apartment filled with light, the interior being amazing in a lot of comfort offered. Ceiling apartments destroyed to  [ Read More ]