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There’s always something new and exciting about Halloween, and this year I’m really inspired by the IT film that features the fearsome pennywise clown. You know they’ve been up to chapter two right now, but I still can not wait to see what would show these clowns for the next series. Maybe that’s the reason why this year Halloween I want to put these scary clowns everywhere and I want to surprise children when they come home. Apart from ghosts, witches, skulls and spiders, clowns are not too popular as the first choice for Halloween decorations. I know putting a  [ Read More ]

I know the days are getting too cold to be outside, but it was an obstacle for those who want to enjoy a relaxing time outdoors. This may require more daily doses of firewood to keep your fireplace burning on the cold days leading up to Halloween. In addition to firewood stock, you must also be smart in managing good storage of firewood so that you and your family can easily take stock of fire pits outside to keep it running for just a family gathering or chatting with your friends. So, you will need storage ideas and DIY firewood  [ Read More ]

If you notice, these past few weeks I’ve been very enthusiastic about Halloween decorations. In addition to Halloween is already close, somehow for me Halloween into a cool moment to show off things that are creepy to turn the house into a horror. Towards the end of this year we begin to feel the cold days outside, especially when the night is the right moment for some Halloween decoration ideas. First, we start from the most important part of the house, the area where your first guests can see and feel right away when you are at your front door.  [ Read More ]

Who says Halloween is not the right time to get married? If you currently have no plans to marry, maybe you will be surprised after seeing the Halloween wedding decorations are not only very romantic but also totally unique. For those who are gothic fans and love horror, Halloween is the most eagerly awaited celebration party every year. It’s also a good day to create a wedding theme that will be the most special and unforgettable moment of your love journey. There are tons of romantic Halloween wedding ideas that you can try, do you like gothic wedding candle decorations?  [ Read More ]

There are many ways to celebrate Halloween such as decorating the house with the Halloween theme you want. I’m sure it’s been a lot of people started to prepare plans to make Halloween decorations more festive and fun. Aside from Halloween coming soon, you also don’t want to miss Halloween with ordinary home decorations every year. If you feel you’ve done everything to decorate the house including by giving a lot of scary themes such as ghosts, skulls, witches, jack o lanterns and many more to each of your rooms. Take a look at some of the flower pots and  [ Read More ]