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This is not an outdoor garden or backyard, all these plants are actually in one room. Maybe you would think this is excessive, but I am sure you will agree with me that there is no such thing as too many plants especially after seeing this plant gallery. I love this jungle fever able to give beauty to any space, pushing the space is so dangerous but gave something completely different. Bring green freshness from outside the room into your home now, this applies to any space even though my favorite remains a living room with Asian tropical forests. You  [ Read More ]

Good news for those of you who like fishing might be inspired by this public seating in Latvia. Designed by Design Studio H2E based in Latvia has successfully completed the installation of their public furniture Anglers’ Seats, this is a beautiful fishing place and resting spot located on the shores of Lake Aluksne. This is also the interpretation of a water plant, Bog Arum (Calla palustris) which can be found on the edge of the lake. The striking orange color makes it easy for anyone to find and get ready for an amazing fishing experience. Under the leaves are broad  [ Read More ]

Every parent would want to pamper and give their kids the best, and the playroom is the first thing they think about to make their children. I like to see how other people live, play, work, and use their houses with highly effective, including a special area for playroom. Maybe many of you who are lucky can create a playroom that your children want, but believe this does not apply to those who have small houses with limited space. If you have a problem with a narrow space, today I want to share the best way so you can find  [ Read More ]

Often people design their homes according to their personalities or interests, and I’m glad there are lots of creative people in this world who have inspired and filled my blog with extraordinary decorations, including the idea of rock n’ roll. For those who like music or even dedicate themselves to music, there is a unique decoration style with turned their homes into the decor of rock n’ roll. If I have to choose, then I would say that this decoration is very cool, call it Rocker Chic or Punk Glam which has been known by many people and is a  [ Read More ]

As the name implies this extraordinary holiday home is in Fish Creek, Australia. Designed by Archiblox which places a small vacation home among towering trees and as a traditional escape to the beach. Blessed with stunning natural landscapes, where the land meets the sea. This house is the perfect combination of landscape and structure like a modern warehouse. This is a typical Australian holiday home, made of wood with natural materials and colors both inside and outside. This house is the perfect blend of warmth and refreshing elements of the sea. Fish Creek House really cares about sustainability and life  [ Read More ]