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For some women who are married or already have kids, working outside is sometimes impossible. While you have to take care of such family should prepare their children to go to school or make breakfast for your husband, your work never even imagined before. Instead of remaining a mother, creative women always have their own ways to occupy themselves. So, if you have made it straight to pursue the business or job of your dreams. Then what is the best way to work around this? Building a special workspace will be able to realize your dreams. Try to make a  [ Read More ]

Workspace is an important part that you must have at home, not only for those of you who really focus on working at home but also for those who are currently working outside. If you have been looking at workspace with a lot of furniture such as tables, chairs or accessories to support work, today I want to change your view to return to a comfortable and minimalist workspace. Floor areas are free and easy to put any decor, including a workspace with a functional floor desk. Creating a workspace on the floor will not only save a lot of  [ Read More ]

Many people think working at home feels lighter than having to work outside, this gives you an advantage because you can as you please in completing all the work without the deadline or pressure from your boss. Although that reason sounds easier, but believe working at home is harder than you think. If you are not consistent then it will bear the smooth running of your business, and not beat yourself harder than any thing? To overcome this you need a workspace that really supports the smooth running of your work, and of course your workspace must remain cool even  [ Read More ]

Who is not familiar with the giant Google company? They have now grown rapidly with millions of users throughout the world through the various products and conveniences they offer. Now Google has become the world number one company with offices spread almost all over the world, and recently they have also been successfully completed Google Engineering Center in Latin America and the new office is the only office of Google in this state. BCMF Arquitetos and Mach Arquitetos are the architects behind the success of this project, they chose Latin America as a form of Google service in every country  [ Read More ]

For those of you who work at home or often bring work to home, the home office becomes the most important area that you must have. This space is a place where you can work comfortably without having to think about many things and only focus on your work. For this reason, home office should be designed as attractive as possible in order to support all of your activities in finding inspiration and new ideas to complete your work. Furniture, some plants and a good storage system will make you comfortable, and of course, brick walls. Previously I thought of  [ Read More ]