7 Simple Ways To Make Organize Your Office Desk


Nowadays workspaces have become part of our daily lives, so much office work focuses on individual workspaces. Besides making it comfortable and ergonomic, there are several other factors that are no less important. The table should have a well-planned, attractive, and easy-to-reach arrangement.

You can apply this office desk design not only to contemporary office styles, but also for those of you who are currently focused on working from home. This is a work desk solution for those of you who often feel bored, bored, or lack motivation. That way, any job will feel easier and encourage creativity to be more productive.

1. Watch your back


We all know office work is often referred to as work that requires sitting. Whatever your line of work, sitting for long periods of time can tire your back. So, you may need to choose a good chair. Choose a chair that is cozy as well as easy to adjust for height. In addition, a chair with a timeless classic design will not make you feel bored.

2. Desks that can be used to sit and stand


The ideal work space allows you to change positions easily, sitting and standing. That’s why a height-adjustable desk can contribute to your health and productivity. Choose a desk that is equipped with height settings so that it doesn’t make you feel tired easily.

3. Lighting to increase productivity


Lighting is not only important but will also make you more focused and productive. By choosing the right lighting, it has been proven to be effective in increasing brain stimulation, alertness and your performance. Apart from desk lamps, you can also take advantage of sunlight which provides a lot of inspiration. However, you still need to add curtains to filter out too bright sunlight.

4. Organized desk all within reach


Placing a desk organizer is a practical and efficient way to store the things you need. This storage area makes it easy for you to find whatever you need and keep it looking neat. Use it for storing accessories, you can also easily organize small items all within reach.

5. Practical storage wall


Is your desk small? Try using wallboard or pegboard which gives the room a unique style. This wall storage helps keep the table tidy by hanging everything on the wall. Another solution to get extra storage is to use a cabinet or wardrobe next to the table.

6. Rugs for added comfort


Floor rugs not only enhance the overall appearance of your work space, but also keep you cozy for hours on end. Choose a soft rug material to keep the soles of your feet warm while working, while a thick carpet material will protect any items that fall to the floor.

7. Refresh with greenery


Adding green elements to aspects of office life can have a positive impact. The reason is that the office is not just a place for furniture and files but also a part of your life. Lastly, greenery, whether live or artificial, can make an amazing difference in your mood and keep the air feeling fresher


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