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Chandeliers are indeed an important design element for the beauty of the house, but sometimes the selection of bad chandelier is not even in accordance with the concept of the room. One example may be that you feel like seeing the same chandelier repeatedly, this is because the heavy classic crystal chandelier that tends to use Victorian style, it is difficult to be released. Actually, they can not work in every home. But today we will try to make your own DIY chandelier that suits your room, because I think large scale chandelier can overwhelm the smaller space and often  [ Read More ]

IKEA PS Maskros is a project pendant lamp with decorative patterns to the ceiling and walls. This lamp was designed by Designer Marcus Arvonen inspired from dandelion ready scattered by the wind, and when the light shadow on the wall as to resemble. The room becomes soluble and transformation such as when the sun shines through the trees pendant lamp is a real mood. This pendant lamp is very beautiful, decorative and riveting even when the lights are turned off. You can put IKEA lamp in any room, take a look at some collection of pendant lamp to inspire! source:  [ Read More ]

Take advantage of unused stuff such as bottles for your kitchen interior. Make lighting kitchen with RGB color glass will attract attention and gave spotlight unique into inside room. This kitchen lamp designed by Arik Levy for glass collection companies Lasvit, shaped lights bottles who hanging together-equally within several groups creating synthesis colors who amazing. Lamp consists from one color translucent white with pieces lots of colors for create shapes RGB mixing color. You could choose colors light your favorite own or make circuit lighting such as rainbow, solution easy to lighting kitchen or several rooms in inside house. source  [ Read More ]

Antique chandelier designed from Troika uses circle design to create lighting of the LED that form a geometric pattern and make light visible overlap. Antique chandelier is the main attraction of Troika to get brighter lighting techniques of manipulation of light itself, the principle of widening lighting chandeliers create a function work well. Royal Society Of Arts seem to find resonance of natural light of values art and heritage that has existed since 1975, they made it a part of the improvement project was carried out by Matthew Lloyd Architects. This chandelier large Fresnel lenses are useful for generating high-power  [ Read More ]

Modern chandelier design features a unique style and is able to give a beautiful lighting in your room, round-shaped with many cones are on snap, every part this chandelier like emit light if you turn it on. Modern Chandelier designed by Brian Rusmussen architects, comes from Denmark and one of the popular designer chandelier for collection of modern furniture. Living room is going to be more fun with modern chandeliers design, enjoy the winter in front of the fireplace or get together with family, of course more feels good when you put lighting to suit your tastes. If you want to  [ Read More ]