Antique Chandeliers With Circles Design From Troika

Antique chandelier designed from Troika uses circle design to create lighting of the LED that form a geometric pattern and make light visible overlap. Antique chandelier is the main attraction of Troika to get brighter lighting techniques of manipulation of light itself, the principle of widening lighting chandeliers create a function work well. Royal Society Of Arts seem to find resonance of natural light of values art and heritage that has existed since 1975, they made it a part of the improvement project was carried out by Matthew Lloyd Architects. This chandelier large Fresnel lenses are useful for generating high-power LEDs, it aims to provide a visual concept that draws on the ceiling.

The design is very classy chandelier seen from the materials used, the grand staircase lamp 1.2 m diameter Fresnel lens combined graceful ring with white corian lined 9 high power LEDs. RSA wants enlightenment for 21st century, chandeliers with circle design a continuation of the work Troika for chandelier furniture in the future. Here is antique chandelier from Troika which was exhibited at Design Miami (2010), Light Rain (2010), and finally UK pavilion in Shanghai World Expo.








Commissioned : Royal Society Of Arts

Designed : Matthew Lloyd Architects

Source : troika, dezeen


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