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What if a cabin is combined with a children’s play house? KOTO (KO-TO) comes from the traditional Finnish word meaning “comfortable at home”. The ilo playhouses from KOTO are the first children’s cabins as well as minimalist playhouses that will be loved by children and even adults. Inspired by the beautiful space that children can claim is theirs, but also the structure that assumes the form of a statue of the elegant and striking, for adults. Ilo is the perfect combination of childhood dreams and the simple form of Scandinavian wooden cabins. Offering a beautiful log structure with a sloping  [ Read More ]

Initially plywood only appeared as part of kitchen cabinets and bedroom walls, even this building material was not very popular because it looked cheap. But this time the plywood has grown to become a part of modern material that is durable and has a unique texture. Apart from being a part of modern home furniture, plywood is also widely used for kids furniture, toys to important materials in building kids beds. Made from thin pieces of wood coated with fine fibers, plywood forms furniture that can last longer and is curved than solid wood. This is the reason that makes  [ Read More ]

Awaiting the birth of baby is the happiest moment for every family, especially for the pregnant mother. This means you have to prepare everything from nutritional intake for your baby, maintain your diet, adequate rest, and of course build your baby’s room. Speaking of the nursery, I’m sure you already have your own plan that is suitable for decorating your nursery. While you are busy thinking about the right nursery design, you should learn how to arrange baby clothes to avoid clutter. The best idea is to place the baby’s wardrobe that can keep all your baby needs, but what  [ Read More ]

There are many reasons why parents should provide a playroom for their kids. In addition to keeping the room at home neat, you can easily supervise children while playing because they are only in one room. For me the first reason is the most reasonable, sometimes we as parents are often annoyed with a room that tends to be cluttered and disorganized, not even once I step on their toys every time I go home from work. This is really troublesome, especially after a long day of work that will drain your time and energy. The best solution is that  [ Read More ]

Talking about designing and decorating kids bedrooms will certainly not be endless, this is also a difficult choice if we have to determine the decorating idea that is most appropriate for their room. I think the wishes of children is often fickle and they are also fast with what they have, this is what makes designing a kids room is not as easy as you might think because it must match the mood and desires. Children usually like things that are appropriate for their age, where they still enjoy playing and getting to know new interesting things. They seem to  [ Read More ]