25 Beautiful Ways To IKEA’s DUKTIG Hacks

Since IKEA started launching the DUKTIG play kitchen, it is no doubt the king of the gaming kitchen. Many customers have been trying to hack into and adjust to the needs of kids play, ranging from changing the color, add stickers to combine it with a few items of different games. It’s quite possible that, if you buy a toy kitchen, you’ll be looking for hack ideas on Pinterest and will find thousands of play kitchen pins from IKEA DUKTIG. But what’s interesting here is that the DUKTIG play kitchen is not only limited to that, although its function remains as a full-sized kitchen but with a little creativity changes can be made even for DIY beginners, and today we will try to hack the IKEA DUKTIG play kitchen in a different way, but previously let’s see what you can get change from DUKTIG play kitchen.

IKEA DUKTIG play kitchen

As we all know DUKTIG is designed for a play kitchen, but for some reason the basic color of DUKTIG, which is predominantly white, is not very attractive. That’s why you need to change it to make it more special for kids. Give a variety of colors or patterns that the children like the most and apply them to the DUKTIG play kitchen. You can repaint or the easiest way is to buy a sticker paste which can easily turn into a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Not only play kitchens

We have already seen what can be done to make DUKTIG play kitchen more beautiful and attractive, but what if the children become bored cook? Like most other IKEA products, DUKTIG can also be turned into various games because DUKTIG is a blank canvas and you can easily turn it into lots of different gaming experiences. Starting from beverage stands, cafes, shops, and others. Try getting out of the box to hack it into something more than just a play kitchen.


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