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Lighting is the best decoration to create an atmosphere, and if you want to feel romantic on Valentine’s Day, you can try playing with lighting. Ahead of the celebrations that will be expected by couples around the world, I am sure many of whom had prepared a sweet surprise to be given when Valentine. Instead of giving your couple flowers, chocolates or dolls, I think decorating the outdoors for a romantic dinner or a romantic surprise at the door will be better. Outdoor Valentine’s day lights is not only able to warm the atmosphere, but also beautify your outdoors. This  [ Read More ]

Teenage boys always have their own way of decorating their rooms, even they usually like to put a variety of things they enjoy in the room such as posters, favorite objects, musical instruments, games and sports. But whatever the theme rooms of their choice, the lighting is very important to support the convenience and comfort in mind. Speaking of lighting the room of a boy, there are so many design choices that you can choose to fit the concept of the room. Lighting doesn’t have to always be on the ceiling, you can put them in every corner of the  [ Read More ]

To create a warm and cozy atmosphere at Christmas, you can add Christmas lighting with a variety of chandelier designs that you can adjust to your holiday theme. With the right setting, the pendant can also add to the aesthetics of the interior to beautify the look of your room. Christmas is the best time to gather with family, have a Christmas eve party or enjoy food during the festive season. That is why Christmas lighting will be very helpful in warming the atmosphere and adding comfort to your every Christmas party. Today many people prefer to make their own  [ Read More ]

The hallway is one of the most neglected areas in the house, even though the hallway is actually a very important area because this is the first time you see it. And like most first impression, the hallways are dim become creepy and often messy portal that could ruin your mood. I believe that the lighting section plays an important role, adding the hallway lighting ideas can definitely change the way you enter your home. If all this time for you the hallway is just a blank blackboard and a corridor that is rarely noticed, maybe it’s time to think  [ Read More ]

Adding a candle light is the easiest way to create a warm atmosphere during Christmas celebrations. That’s why a great candle lighting can transform your entire room becomes more comfortable and soothing. Christmas is the best time where all the families will gather, whether it’s just chatting, having a small dinner party or enjoying the best times before Christmas Eve. When all families gather you can use brighter lighting with a bulb or a chandelier, then at night, turn off your lights and anti to softer lighting by using candles. You can place several candles at once to add decorations,  [ Read More ]