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Mon is an innovative lamp that utilizes traditional neon technology that has been redesigned for your interior. Designed by Supergut Studio, it is possible to add neon which has only been used for adverts. If usually you will only find neon tubes on a signboard and in outdoor advertisements, then you will see how this lighting can turn into one of the extraordinary indoor lighting. Energy-saving lamps trust uses fluorescent technology and offers endless possibilities in terms of creativity. You can use them to the interior as part of a useful home accessory or lighting solution by providing an entirely  [ Read More ]

Children love to sleep using lights at night, even though research shows sleeping in the dark will be better for maintaining the health of their eyes. But we also can’t deny that if your little one is afraid of the dark, that’s why you need to choose the right type of lighting for a child’s bedroom. These cute friends will light up the children’s night and make their sleep quality better, so don’t let sleepless nights for your children just because you are wrong in choosing night lighting. I think all children in need of some sort of night light  [ Read More ]

Some people prefer the retro style for their interiors, while some prefer vintage styles that are considered timeless and timeless. But I’m sure there are still many of you who are still confused between vintage and retro. If you think both are the same, so far you’ve been wrong because vintage and retro designs really have different meanings. Vintage is a style and mode that became popular from 1920 to 1960, while retro began to be born thereafter, from 1970 to 1990. That’s why retro style looks simpler and more modern than vintage style. Compared vintage style, many people prefer  [ Read More ]

This lamp will give you a double advantage that is hard to miss. Besides being able to give a beautiful dim light to the room, you can also plant various types of vegetables and spices for a small kitchen garden. Brot is a lamp as well as a planter that is combined into one unique package of lights. The lamp that serves as a growing medium will provide food that you can really choose and use in your food, suitable for those of you who like to eat with vegetables. There are two parts of the Brot lamp, half of  [ Read More ]

Lighting is like a soul in our home, without the light of the house it will feel dark and no more joy. For this reason, lamp designs have evolved as many people are interested in lights. Everyone has their own story with their first lights, and without you knowing the lights in your home have illuminated your days with lots of happiness. Unlike lamps in the ceiling, lots of light is much dimmer design to help emphasize the light on a particular area in your room. For this type of lamp, I prefer industrial lamps because many innovative industrial lights  [ Read More ]