7 Beautiful Ways To Create Outdoor Lighting Ideas


Relaxing outside or just enjoying time with family will feel warmer with outdoor lighting. If you are an outdoor owner who is happy to throw any kind of party out there, add lighting ideas that match your style. From modern, Scandinavian, rustic, to minimalist looks on terraces, gardens and backyards. Apart from choosing some cool lights, you also need some effective tricks to light up the outdoors.

Lighting is one of the main factors for creating the right ambiance, and it is very important when you want to relax, have a party, or enjoy quality time with your family. Combine lamps, lanterns and string lights for a lively outdoor setting. Here are seven ways to keep your outdoor area beautifully lit after the sun goes down.

1. String Lights


When it comes to string lights, it is the best choice to make the outdoor feel comfortable. There are lots of ways to use this lighting that are easy to implement in just a few minutes. Try hanging string lights where you want your outdoor area to be, or placing them on railings and walls.

2. Table lamp


The dining table is often the area where you spend the most time outdoors. That’s why you need the right kind of lighting like a dimmable table lamp for functional lighting. Apart from providing extra lighting, this table lamp makes a great addition to your decor.

3. Outdoor Candles


Candle lighting always works to make things feel romantic. If you have a plan for a happy dinner, candles are the solution that brings you closest to your partner. Since it’s outside, add a wax cover to protect it from wind.

4. Garden path lighting


Hanging chain lights can also be used to greet guests and show the way to your event venue. These lights are usually connected to batteries or run on solar power so it’s easy to hang as many as you want.

5. Tree Lights


If you have trees around your sitting area, you can easily add a hanging chain lamp or a tumblr that dangles down. Choose a lamp that uses battery power for easy installation. It’s a practical way to create a warm and cozy atmosphere outdoors.

6. Outdoor Lanterns


Besides candles, lanterns are a great partner as outdoor lighting. Choose hanging lanterns or just place them around the sitting area to make your outdoor space even more aesthetic. This lighting idea is also perfect for those of you who like a boho style or a bit of a Scandinavian look.

7. LED light


LED lights bring a modern and minimalist impression to your outdoor space. The lighting is bright enough so it is suitable as a garden lamp. You can make the atmosphere warmer by adding this lamp to outdoor furniture or walls.


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