22 Amazing LED Light Decor Ideas For Outdoor


LED lights or the abbreviation of Light Emitting Diode have been widely used to enhance interior and exterior styles. This type of lamp has a variety of types that are easy to adapt to the concept of the room. Starting from the minimalist type to the modern type, in fact many people choose LED lights as part of their home decoration not without reason.

There are many advantages that can be obtained when placing one of these types of LED lights. Not only as a sweetener for the room, now LED lights are also widely chosen as part of the landscape or outdoors. LED lights are very environmentally friendly so they have a great impact on the natural environment. That is the reason why LED lamps are more expensive than the price of lamps in general.

For outdoor use, LED lights are designed to suit all weather conditions, even the shape is also quite unique because it can be adjusted to your outdoor style. Please note, the LED lamp is a product that is composed of light emitting diodes that run into a lamp. The room’s own LED lamps are made of semiconductor materials so that they are different from other lamps that are produced from carbon materials. Here are some inspirations and tips why you should use LEDs outdoors? let’s see!


More energy saving

LED lighting is one of the energy-efficient types of lamps. Not only does it enhance decoration, LED lights are the choice of vehicle lights because they are bright without consuming a lot of resources. When compared to other types of lamps, LEDs are able to save energy up to 40%. In addition, LED lighting is also brighter and has up to 10 times more energy efficient than other types of lamps.


More durable and long-lasting even if you are outdoors

In other light bulbs usually require gas stored in the cover so that it can make the lamp glow. However, in the LED type, the lamp work system is completely different. LED lights do not require additional gas to make them light, even the lights are claimed to last up to 100 thousand hours. If we compare with incandescent lamps, LEDs are even more durable up to 30 times. Meanwhile, when compared to energy-saving lamps, LEDs are still 10 times more efficient.


Not easy to damage in any weather conditions

LED lights are very suitable for outdoor use. If other types of lamps generally use glass lampshades which make them easily damaged or broken. However, LED lamps are designed with a plastic cover so that they are more durable and not easily damaged. You may have found that the LED light is damaged just because of the cap, and it doesn’t affect the LED light so you can still use it after replacing the cap. Because these lamps are durable and not easily damaged, choosing LED lamps greatly reduces maintenance and effort because you do not need to replace them many times.



With the use of gas and less energy, of course, it can reduce the formation of heat energy. With heat energy that is not excessive, it will have an effect on the surrounding environment. Even by using LED type lights, you will automatically take part in protecting the earth from global warming. That is why LED lamps are considered as energy efficient and environmentally friendly lamps. Check out more LED lighting ideas that best suit your outdoor style!


















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