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Christmas always gives beauty in every home, and we all know that there are some popular Christmas symbols that are widely used today, for example pine trees, pine fruits, snowflakes and snowmen. In addition, there is a symbol of deer that is always there in almost every Christmas decoration, the reason is quite clear that the deer is an animal that Santa escorted by his chariot. So today I want to show you how to put them into a Christmas decoration, especially for Christmas table setting or make centerpieces deer to make it look more stylish. Deer are very suitable  [ Read More ]

No matter how much you try to decorate the room, I’m sure you won’t get a romantic dining party atmosphere like outdoors. Even though the air outside will start to get cold soon, it will not dampen my intention to hold a festive party because this season is the best time to bring you closer to your family and loved ones. Especially for what is now want to hold a wedding party, dinner party ideas outside seems worthy of consideration. Outdoor gives you a refreshing natural decoration, even you don’t need to rent an interior decoration that will spend a  [ Read More ]

Many people assume that a comfortable house is determined by size, even though a large size is not necessarily a guideline for comfort. Everyone would want a big house complete with all the facilities that give you comfort, but if you are not good at managing the room, the big house will be in vain, especially for those who are not fortunate who only have small houses. The house has a mutual support, divided into several rooms that have their respective functions can be utilized. There is a living room, family room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, garden and of course a  [ Read More ]

There’s a lot of fun when we’re enjoying a meal in the outdoors, and this season is the best season to go out or have a small party in the backyard. But sometimes there is always something unexpected that makes us so messy dinner party, if you think as I might now time to think about how to make indoor-outdoor dining area for your next. Even summer weather is unreliable, so indoor and outdoor spaces are the most practical solution for enjoying nature while staying protected. You can create an open-concept dining area to your liking, a kitchen bar with  [ Read More ]

Are you bored with modern dining room design and mediocre layout? Or now you have a new design that is nearly finished, but you want to find an extra touch to complete the look? Now is the time you start thinking creatively about dining room ideas adding vintage touch that can make you feel like staying in a farmhouse, even if you live in urban areas. It’s amazing, dining room is warm and friendly offering a sense of peace and calmness that you can not get in the modern dining room though. There are several ways to make farmhouse dining  [ Read More ]