12 Beautiful Chandelier Design For Your Dining Room

In decorating the interior sometimes we forget small things such as lighting. Even though good lighting does not only affect the beauty but also your comfort when moving in the house, including the kitchen and dining room.

If the kitchen is usually integrated with the dining room, there are also homeowners who create a special area for the dining room. Even though this area is only used to prepare and eat dishes, that doesn’t mean it can’t be decorated to make it more aesthetic. It doesn’t matter whether the dining room you have is large or small, if it is well laid out and equipped with adequate lighting it will look beautiful.

Placing a unique chandelier in the dining room can be an easy solution and won’t cost a lot of money. Here we have collected some chandelier inspiration for the dining room that you should consider. Let’s check!

1. Scandinavian style


A modern and minimalist impression can be seen from the design of this Scandinavian-style dining room. Wood elements, natural colors, and chandeliers in matching colors enhance the interior appearance.

2. Aesthetic wood


The design of this dining room is wood nuanced with unique wicker chairs. Almost the entire interior of the floor, dining table, chairs, and chandeliers displays an aesthetic natural impression.

3. Classic style


This classic style dining room is perfect for those of you who like simplicity. In addition to furniture, the chandelier model also gives an inviting vintage impression.

4. Coastal vibe


Bring a coastal vibe to your dining room with a beautiful navy blue color. While the antique-style chandelier model looks harmonious with the interior color.

5. Feminine style


The feminine impression can be seen from the pink interior display and the placement of flower vases on the dining table. Equipped with lighting that is no less beautiful with a round chandelier with a simple design.

6. Gold accents


Gold accents always give a luxurious look to any space, including the dining room. This chandelier design has a circular design in gold color with many attractive lighting points.

7. Single lights


If the dining room is bright enough, there is no harm in adding lighting such as a single chandelier above. The dining room will look more attractive and give the room extra lighting.

8. Nature and modern


What would happen if a modern dining room design was combined with natural accents? The result is a trendy and comfortable room. Choose a chandelier design that is no less unique that fits your dining room concept.

9. Mid-century modern


The modern mid-century concept is a combination of retro style wrapped in Scandinavian style simplicity. Seen from the furniture and lighting that prioritizes aesthetic and functional values.

10. Open concept


The open dining room concept is indeed the best choice to bring an outdoor atmosphere into the house. You can build a large glass window or wall, while more than one chandelier design will make the dining room look brighter.

11. Holiday décor


For those of you who like holiday decorations, you can try this dining room idea. Country house style with inviting warm accents, the design of the chandelier also feels unobtrusive.

12. Modern style


Finally, we have a modern dining room design with a unique bubble-shaped chandelier. Natural nuances are also included with the choice of brown color on the walls and furniture that feels intimate.


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