20 Cute Lighting Decor Ideas For Teen Girl Room


For teen girls, the bedroom is a favorite space where they can express themselves and decorate as they please. The bedroom is not only a place to rest, but also a place to carry out all your activities. That is why, choosing a bedroom design must be considered carefully to support your comfort. In addition to considering comfort, it turns out that you also don’t have to change the color of paint or furniture so that you can create a different room atmosphere. One of the easiest and most cost-effective decorating elements is choosing bedroom lighting.

Bedroom lights can be one of the decorations that make the room feel warm and comfortable. However, the wrong lighting sometimes makes the bedroom feel cramped and stuffy. In choosing bedroom lighting, it depends on the size and design of the room as well as the style of decoration that teenagers like the most. If you live in a small room or dorm room, wall lights are a better option because they don’t take up much space. You can also create a calming light silhouette with string lights, add LED lights for a statement, or opt for stylish neon lights. Here are some tips and examples of teenage girl bedroom lighting to inspire you!


LED Lighting

LED lighting is a great option if you want to make a statement in your bedroom. In addition, LED lighting also gives a comfortable and calming feeling without having to change the entire decor of your room. It is a decorative element or as extra lighting besides the master bedroom lamp. You can hang it, place it on the wall, or create fun design lines with various creations.


Neon Light

Teenage girls love to show off the things they love in a unique way. One of them by adding words or motivation into the bedroom. Neon lights are probably the easiest way to showcase your personality in an adorable way. Make a statement, motivational words, to create a bedroom that fits your lifestyle using fluorescent lights. In addition to neon signs, you can also choose neon square lights for a more modern look.


String Light

Talking about lighting for a teen’s room, string light is a mandatory decoration that you should have. This lighting is quite easy and budget-friendly, especially if you are a young adult and not yet working. String light ideas not only creates a comfortable feel but will also make you sleep more soundly because of the dim and warm light. This lighting idea seems timeless, you can hang a string light on a bed canopy, as a wall decoration, or combine it with photos.

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