The Jungle Look: Indoor Dining Room With Plants


I’m not a big fan of houseplants, but when I see a room full of plants and a forest look, I can’t stop thinking about it. And want to share. This is a dining area where there are no boundaries between interior and exterior, bringing nature into the room, and can be enjoyed year round. Sometimes I dream of making my own green paradise, enjoying cold food and drinks on hot summer days. With a fragrant floral scent. And then imagine drinking late afternoon tea in your own greenhouse

In fact, the current weather is really unfavorable, even in some areas the temperature has started to cool. Then are we going to stop and leave all these comforts? The solution, an indoor garden may be very useful for creating an atmosphere. I want to start from the dining room, make it green, even full of forest look. If you ask why the dining room? I think that’s where it all started, and I never mind spending time here.


Although indoor houseplants have become very popular, they have never really impressed me. And no matter how much you like this look, if you want to have your own indoor forest, it will take a lot more extra care in a week. Plants should be checked daily, from watering, fertilizing, pruning, to replanting, but trust me it’s worth the results.

Today you may only look at photos, and the feeling of peace brought by so many plants gives you a sense of comfort. For me, this room became my happy place just looking at it. I would love to spend time here, curled up with a good book over my morning coffee, or just sitting warmly in the sun from the glass windows. This is my favorite place for breakfast, lunch and maybe a glass of wine. Enjoy!












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