10 Calm Ramadan Lighting Ideas For Outdoors

Entering the holy month of Ramadan, every Muslim always looks forward to it with great joy. Not only preparing to worship more, but also decorating the house with a Ramadan atmosphere so that it feels more festive. Ramadan decorations are far from luxurious and grand, getting inner peace is the main focus when we want to decorate our homes with Ramadan vibes. The decor is quite simple which includes Islamic ornaments, calligraphic writing, and of course the idea of relaxing Ramadan lighting.

Today I not only focus on indoor Ramadan decorations, but also want to celebrate the outdoors with these beautiful decorations. I don’t think there’s anything better than adding lighting that conveys the impression of Ramadan. As with the celebration of other holidays, the month of Ramadan also has its own characteristics which depict the holy month with lanterns, moon, stars and other Islamic ornaments. These easy Ramadan lighting ideas with a variety of options will make your outdoors more comfortable. Let’s see!

1. Ramadan lanterns in the shape of a mosque


Not only in the form of an ordinary lantern, during Ramadan you can choose a mosque-shaped lantern design that is ready to welcome Ramadan. This mosque-shaped lantern is ready to illuminate the outdoors with its beautiful design. Put it in the garden area or the entrance stairs, then whoever the guests who come will feel the spirit of Ramadan.

2. Ramadan lanterns on the terrace


Still featuring the Ramadan lantern design but with a simpler design. Place a Ramadan lantern on the front porch for a relaxing atmosphere. Choose a lantern with a candle in it to warm the atmosphere at night.

3. Ramadan neon lighting


You can always get creative with neon lights, like this area of the park decorated with Ramadan neon lights. Create your own Islamic sayings using neon lights then place them in the garden center or near the wall of the house.

4. Hanging string lights with Ramadan ornaments


String lights are a beautiful decoration for any outdoor space, including during Ramadan. Besides hanging string lights outdoors, you can also add beautiful Islamic ornaments with snowflakes.

5. Moon and star string lights in the window


An outdoor window is the best area to add Ramadan lighting. Instead of simply covering it with curtains, you can install string lights with moon and star ornaments on the windows. Both from inside and outside the room, this lighting idea will attract the attention of anyone who passes in front of your house.

6. String lights with star shape


Create your own stars on Ramadan nights, hang string lights on the terrace or outside to make the atmosphere more comfortable. This star-shaped string lamp makes anyone feel the beauty of Ramadan when they see it.

7. Floor table with string lights


Towards maghrib or at night, Muslims will usually break their fast with their families. To make the time for breaking the fast more enjoyable, set a dining table on the floor and then decorate it with string lights to make the atmosphere more intimate.

8. Lanterns hanging on trees


Take advantage of the area in the tree as a place to hang Ramadan lanterns. It doesn’t have to be big, use some small lanterns to make the atmosphere more unique.

9. Garden lamp with a star moon shape


Garden lights are indeed used to beautify the outdoors. However, during the month of Ramadan, you can turn it into a unique decoration, such as choosing a garden lamp design with the shape of the moon and stars.

10. Outdoor dining area with Ramadan lighting


Makes the outdoor dining area feel more lively and enjoyable. So, you can also apply it during Ramadan as a favorite place to break your fast. In addition to setting the Ramadan table, add more lighting in this area.


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