10 Beautiful Bistro Stand Lights For Garden Glow


Bistro lights, or more popularly globe lights and string lights are very popular for outdoor lighting. We usually see these lights as wedding and party decorations, but it is possible that bistro lights are also great for beautifying your outdoor space. Plus, you don’t need to throw the party outdoors after the sun goes down, stringing bistro lights will illuminate any celebration.

Don’t have a place to hang it? Wooden poles or bistro light stands are a great solution to help you define an outdoor gathering spot, and I think it’s even better than just hanging one on a railing. Arrange the poles in squares, circles, or rows, and string the lights from one to the other.

I’ve always loved the look of bistro lighting in open spaces, and it can’t be denied that I often feel confused about hanging or decorating it to attract attention. So, I think lamppost is the best alternative right now. And if you’re having the same problem, here are some bistro light pole ideas and how to apply them to your outdoor space!

1. Colorful bistro in the pool


Poolside is a favorite place for outdoor entertainment zone. Brighten up the area by placing colorful bistro lamps, while wooden poles do their job well, add a vintage touch using buckets as baseboards.

2. Romantic dinner


Enjoy a romantic dinner outdoors with a garden dining table setting. If you want to add a bistro lights, use wooden poles on the left and right which accent the chandelier.

3. Single stand lights


Only with one bistro light stand, your outdoor space will look beautiful. It is suitable for presenting a limited but still comfortable outdoor gathering area. Connect the lights to the rest of the house and then create a cozy living space arrangement using a fire pit.

4. No ceiling. No problem


Assemble some distro lights that give the illusion or outdoors. Choose any style that you like, such as choosing a minimalist lamp for Scandinavian style.

5. Brighten up your pergola


Light up your pergola by wrapping or placing string lights on the roof of the pergola. Your night atmosphere will be more comfortable, warm, and romantic.

6. Zig-zag


Cover your outdoor entertainment area using string lights in a zigzag pattern. This idea is eye-catching and makes your deck or patio look great.

7. Hang from a fence


If your patio or backyard has a fence then the best idea is to hang string lights there. It will make any outdoor space even more stylish.

8. Use some wooden stands


A large outdoor living space is indeed the dream of many people because it can accommodate many friends and family. However, you will need some string light poles to decorate it. Place lampposts at several points so that the lighting is spread evenly.

9. Garden pathway


Liven up areas around gardens and backyards with string lights. Make garden paths using poles placed along garden paths as beautiful lighting at night.

10. For your wedding


Do you want your wedding party to be more memorable and feel romantic? String lights are the best choice if your wedding is being held outdoors.


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