20 Window Planter Boxes For Maximize Your Outdoor Spaces

This spring flowers begin to bloom, and some of my roses also seen the bud, so that means there will be a lot of fun out. For me, gardening is fun entertainment, being able to grow lots of greenery and seeing colorful flowers is a satisfaction. I knew the weather would be warm going forward, that also meant that I was ready to tidy up all the plants and start decorating gardens where I had not seen for a long winter’s day. Maybe I’m too excited or I anticipate this season too excited until I realize there is no room for my gardening.

Luckily, I found a little enlightenment from Pinterest about window planter boxes and was interested to start trying it. I think they are practical gardening solutions for small spaces or for those of you who make extra space to maximize outdoor space.

DIY window planter boxes

I took my best and put together a window planter box idea for this year. They look amazing as window decorations, giving extra space for your hobby of gardening. Even though this planter idea looks complicated but it’s actually quite easy, you can even try making it yourself at home. I started looking for what could be produced from the old stuff, the old trunk, and reclaimed wood that had been left a dusty barn. I took them out and started to find pleasure by making my own DIY window planter box. They are in the making and only need a few simple carpentry tools such as hammers, nails, wood paint and a little creativity.

Maximize your outdoor space

Having irrigation in a window box is definitely a requirement that determines the success of your garden project. In addition to window boxes will bloom welcome spring, you can also have extra space for gardening and do not worry there are flowers that have not been planted. Maybe for those who have a large yard or garden will not be a problem, but this will be very different if you live in urban areas or apartments that have only a little land outside the room. That is why, a window planter box is a good alternative for maximizing outdoor space.


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