How To Make Light Filled House Extension Feel Spacious

Having a big house with all the supporting facilities is everyone’s dream, but not everyone who is lucky to have it, especially for those who live in urban areas. This reason is what makes them smart in utilizing the available land, even in various ways such as building expansion or renovating their homes. Many homeowners think when they want to move house to need a little extra space, but sometimes this plan is not the best option, especially if you are still able to work around this. If you happen to like the current location of your house, your neighbors and your own house design, trying to build instead of having to move might save you more budget.

The best solution you need to provide extra space, add the extension home contains light that maximizes daylight as a top priority. It is sure to expand a room like the kitchen, living room, or family room. Try placing windows into side extensions, while the choice of dormer windows will fill your new space with natural light. This house extension will add the space you need, of course it will make your space brighter and more attractive.

Provide natural light

Everyone agrees that a healthy room is full of natural light. The skylight may be a great example of increasing natural light intensity when expanding your home. There are many different roof window designs that you can choose according to the needs room to help maximize daylight and accessories that help keep the indoor climate to stay warm and comfortable. In addition, the choice of dormer windows can also help you control the temperature of the room, bring fresh air into the room and add amazing lighting.

Decoration is white

Make the right decor is very helpful in making use of the available sunlight. One of the easiest, you can change your room full of white shades. To maximize this, use white paint to coat your walls and ceiling. This will let the light bounce in the room and appear more spacious.

Interior supporting

There are many things you need to consider when creating a home extension that contains light such as the number of windows and their location. But there are still other considerations that determine, for example, good lighting such as table lamp, wall, and floor helped make the room feel brighter, while the mirror can be used to reflect light throughout the room. Use furniture and utensils in lighter colors, or wood and tile with a glossy surface can help increase the light.


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