10 Creative Things To Add Extra Space Under Kid’s Bed


Every mother always has a creative way to use the room, it also includes storage systems, especially for kids bedrooms. Although this method is very contrary to the opinion of feng shui experts, they say that putting anything under the bed will block the positive energy from circulating throughout the body during sleep. However, for parents sometimes some storage hacks are necessary to get around the limited space. So the choice is yours now.

I could not resist to use the area under kids bed as an extra room. In addition, if you leave empty space in a kids room, they will still fill it with various things that often create chaos. I think it’s natural to turn it into a creative extra space ranging from storage areas to filling it with lots of unexpected things. Here are 10 creative things to add extra space under your kids bed!

1. Use the old drawer as a storage unit for little girls. Put a few drawers and decorate them to store various things your little one includes, including their favorite gifts.


2. A custom box made of wood can be used as a storage box under a kids bed. Make a box size that can fit in and be hidden under the bed.


3. An adorable box shaped like a cart can be used as an alternative storage for your little one. This little box will be his favorite to store his favorite items.


4. For shared rooms or more than one child, you can add an extra bed under the bed. The bed design is very practical because it can be hidden and pulled as needed.


5. Have a large collection of Lego? Instead of being messy and often making a mess, you can use the area under the bed to store their Lego collection.


6. Kids usually love to read and have a few favorite books to read each night. If you are tired of ordinary bookshelves, try doing something different by creating a hidden library under the bed.


7. Every boy likes to play toy cars, even they have their own race track which often takes up space in the bedroom. Now, you can hide it under the bed, and the kids will be happy to play with it whenever they want.


8. Often as parents we find kids closet overcrowded. If you need extra clothes storage, use the area under the bed to store them.


9. Plastic storage boxes are the easiest way to put them under the bed. Use this to store various things your little one needs such as toys, legos or their favorite small objects.


10. For a higher kids bed, you can build a wardrobe with a storage drawer at the same time.



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