20 Halloween Room Decor Ideas For Kids That More Fun

Halloween celebrations always come with something scary, dark and full of surprises every year. At that time many people decorate their homes with a variety of scary themes, ranging from the terraces, interior to the backyard. Believe it or not, Halloween decorations for kids are very rare. Perhaps because many parents do not want to scare children with skull decorations or ghosts in their rooms. In fact, children are the most excited about celebrating. This year I want more fun for the children’s Halloween room. There are lots of trinkets kid-friendly that you can use for Halloween to decorate their favorite room such as a bedroom, playroom and a cozy reading corner, even with a Halloween theme.

Kids bedroom

The bedroom is the first room I want to include more Halloween decorations. This is their main room, where the children spend more time than any other room. Although this Halloween but try to make a child-friendly decor without exaggeration. For example, a Halloween children’s bedroom doesn’t have to be dark or black, instead, give it cheerful colors like pink, gray or white for a neutral look. Keep giving it a Halloween touch, like a wall poster with bats, pumpkins or a cute ghost theme. Don’t forget textiles as you can easily get a theme by choosing a pillow or bed sheet with a Halloween theme.

Kids playroom

The playroom is the second fun area that will keep the kids busy during the festive season. Decorate the children’s playroom with simple Halloween themes such as balloons, spider webs or bats without scaring the children. From a Halloween castle to a play kitchen, let your kids define or decorate their own playroom.

Kids reading nook

Ready for a horror story or a fun fantasy book? Don’t forget to decorate the children’s reading corner with a Halloween theme. Start with a colorful Halloween banners were hung on a bookshelf until Halloween accessories that enliven the atmosphere. Reading nooks are among our favorite areas of the house and kids will have you read out some scary stories during Halloween night. This area may not be the main one, but it has a positive impact on children. You also can create a reading corner with a short bookcase to facilitate children reach the books they want.


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