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Every child will love to play water and can spend hours. Although for them it is fun but not for their health, children will be susceptible to fever because of soaking in the water for too long. Without having to limit their enjoyment, we as parents are required to be able to take care of our children, and the best way to do this is to invite them to make a DIY project that children will like. When school is out for the holidays, that’s when I thought of teaching them crafts the kids to keep them busy. Making a  [ Read More ]

Learning and playing are very important to help your children grow. In addition to playing outside, indoor activities will train them to focus on any activities they like. For some reason, choosing kids furniture is very important to support your child’s creativity and imagination in learning from simple things. Children’s furniture sets from Oeuf are the solution for those of you who are looking for fun and modern furniture for children consisting of contemporary furniture such as these strange animal shaped chairs and tables. Kids will love this adorable chair and table, ideal for an art project, a tea party,  [ Read More ]

All kids must have dreams about their favorite dolls, whether it’s imaginary animals or cute, cute monsters. Inspired by the imagination of children around the world, IKEA opened a doll drawing competition for all children aged between 4 and 12 years in which six lucky winners will be embodied picture and sold at IKEA stores around the world. This annual IKEA toy drawing competition has attracted 87,000 entries from children around the world. Some of their works were taken as toys for the limited edition SAGOSKATT collection. Now some of their collections are sold now, and the full results of  [ Read More ]

Prepare everything for the baby’s arrival has become a fun job, especially if this is the first birth for your small family. Every parent will be enthusiastic about waiting for their little angel, so don’t be surprised if you have decorated your baby’s room as well as possible. A nursery room must always be comfortable for the baby, has exceptional storage, plus a variety of unique characteristics that make life easier for parents. A good nursery room will help your baby in its infancy, and the right selection of baby furniture is very important in their early years. There are  [ Read More ]

Hunter’s Wall is a unique wood decoration collection with animal head shapes from designer Tsachi Nevo, inspired by traditional African masks and current pop culture trends. It is very modern, humorous and has artistic artistic value that is quite artistic, this wooden animal head wall will make a beautiful addition to the walls of your house, office space or children’s room with cute animal head characters. All masks are made of laser cut wood that has been painted and hand assembled, their own unique character and just as we, human beings, they have some imperfections but that is what makes  [ Read More ]